Greetings, my lovelies! Today was a fun day! In spite of buckets of rain pouring down from perpetually gray skies and 50 degree temperatures (where is Spring?), Emma and I went ashore today. We had errands to do! If you have followed along with my blog for very long, you know that “errands” is just a code word for “shopping opportunities”! So let’s hit it!

Emma and I went to Brunswick, Maine today! Upon the sage advice of Elizabeth, front desk goddess at the Inn, we visited Timeless Cottage on Maine Street. There, I met June, a kindred spirit, shop associate. I also found the most wonderful gift for my brother and Nancy. 

In a couple of weeks, they are going to come to the island to take care of Emma while I am in Maryland, visiting with Jane and attending Mandy’s wedding (darling daughter is a bridesmaid!). Here is the “thank you for coming to the island and taking care of Emma while I am in Maryland” gift for my brother and Nancy:

Their dog, Etta, is a black Labrador. My dog, Emma, is a yellow Labrador. Etta and Emma have the same sire so they are sister dogs! Therefore, this little pillow is perfect! Elizabeth was right; I really enjoyed my visit to Timeless Cottage!

While on Maine Street, I had to stop by my favorite shop, Hatch on Maine! Hannah, one of the lovely shopowners, was there today! It had been awhile since I have had a chance to visit with Hannah. We compared notes on our respective expeditions to Brimfield Flea Market. Of course, I looked around carefully at all the beautiful merchandise! After extensive browsing and deliberating, I decided on three items to purchase. 

First, for darling daughter’s button collection, a hometown pin:

Then, a set of charming coasters made from colorful vintage textiles!

And finally, a little oval ironstone dish for my extensive dish collection:

After the trip to Brunswick, I had a bee in my bonnet. I really wanted to go to the Bass Clothing Store in South Portland for a new pair of Weejuns. What, pray tell, are Weejuns? you may be asking yourself…

Penny loafers! These are almost a patent leather black. Sturdy. Comfortable. The perfect shoes to go with my front desk uniform at the Inn! Regular retail was $170. However, I never pay retail and certainly not regular retail! These penny loafers were on sale for 80% off. So these beauties would have set me back $34. But, wait for it, the shoes were an additional 20% off today!!! They ended up costing me $27.20! 

On account of the great deal I got on the penny loafers, I went ahead and bought another pair of shoes on sale at Bass today. These were golden:

These spiffy ballet flats were just $18. So pretty, so comfortable. They will also look nice with my front desk uniform. Two pairs of great shoes for less than $50! I am going to chalk this up as a win!

Emma and I also got provisions, mailed letters, and went to the bank while we were ashore. 

Gosh, I have had a devil of a time uploading these photos tonight! If only the Internet Gods would smile down on me for five minutes or so. I have to be getting to bed soon! I am working at 7am tomorrow! I need my beauty sleep! Emma is in her crate snoring already!

Yours, Merryweather