I was chatting with Elizabeth, front desk goddess, at the inn today. When we are not terribly busy, I have had the pleasure of getting to know my co-workers better.  Elizabeth and I were discussing yesterday’s trip to the flea market and my love for vintage anything. Elizabeth is a kindred spirit. 

With regards to vintage finds, I am compelled by how well-made, sturdy, and legitimate these items are. I was describing the Bell telephone I found for Kathy yesterday at the flea to Elizabeth. That telephone, probably dating to the 1950s, was made to last. Back in the day, consumer goods were, in fact, made to last. None of this planned obsolescence BS that we deal with nowadays. Therein lies my affinity to vintage goods: their apparent and comparative permanence in an impermanent world. 

This attraction of mine to the well-made and sturdy informed my decision to buy my townhouse in what used to be a barracks building dating from 1890 on Historic Fort McKinley on Great Diamond Island. Granite foundation, brick building, slate roof. Built to Government specifications. Completely legitimate. Again, more permanent than most buildings in our impermanent world. I long for things built to last. 

Yours, Merryweather