Emma and I came to visit my parents last night! We took the 445 ferry to Portland and then drove south to my parents’ house in Massachusetts. We arrived about 830pm and began our occupation of the homefront! We plan to stay until the wee early hours on Saturday.

My mom and I headed out thrifting this morning! Emma, my English Labrador, stayed home with her Grampa. Mom and I went to the Blessing Barn in Milford, Massachusetts. I found three pairs of pants there for $2 each, including a pair of super stylish black (so slimming!) Calvin Klein pants!!! Calvin Klein pants! $2! Here are the three pairs:

First, grey knit yoga pants, khaki capris, and finally, the black Calvin Kleins!

From Milford, we traveled to Mendon, to the Blessing Barn Home Store to do some more shopping! I can’t believe what I found there:

It is a cellphone accessory that looks like a vintage telephone receiver! The handset plugs into my cellphone! I think this is brilliant! It set me back $7. It actually color coordinates with my cellphone cover. I would take a photo to show you, but I am blogging on my phone!

I also bought two most awesome gifts for Jane!!! I will have to blog separately about those finds soon (they are packed in the car). Did I mention that Jane is coming back for another visit to the island in late July?!? I am so excited! We are going to work on covering my golf cart with seashells! 

Ok. Back to my thrifting report. 

After hitting both Blessing Barns this morning, mom and I went home to have lunch with dad. Then it was more thrifting at Salvation Army in Northbridge, the next town over. I hit the mother lode of extra lovely (XL) sized women’s blouses and tops! I tried to stick to my favorite clothing colors (black, grey, blue, and pink) so that everything will mix and match. Here they are:

I also bought the exact same top as the last one (grey and ivory stripes) in solid black. The photo of it turned out fuzzy so I am not going to post it here. The tops were $4 each, with the exception of the first one (the printed blouse) which was $10. 

At Salvation Army, I also found a conch shell for my collection for $4:

And a Noritake China dish for $2:

And some Boston Red Sox headgear, in pink for $2 each:

And some king size floral quilted pillow shams, $2 each:

And, finally, two pretty pink hand towels, $1 each:

Mom and I made a quick stop at Joyful Things, an adorable antique shop in North Uxbridge. I found a necklace which was free!

Some vintage Dennison tags for $5 (I see an upcoming art project with these!):

And, finally, two handfuls of vintage multicolor plastic alphabet magnets like the ones I have at home on the refrigerator. Dad is spray painting them black as we speak! I can’t wait to add them to my collection currently on the refrigerator. I will be able to spell more words with the addition of these new magnets. I paid $4 for them. Stay tuned for enhanced messaging on the fridge!

Is hometown thrifting the best, or what?!?

Yours, Merryweather