Courtesy of Timothy O’Leary, I visited a new flea market today! Pinch me! I love flea markets! Mr. O’Leary took me to the fabulous flea market in Arundel, Maine! Arundel is about forty minutes south of Portland. While no where near as large as the flea market in Brimfield, Massachusetts, the vendors at Arundel had awesome, awesome merchandise! I made a killing! 

First, I spied an old school Bell telephone! Here it is in the wild:

The 603 area code is New Hampshire. I remembered that one of my friends was looking for one of these. I just couldn’t remember who! So I snapped this photo and texted some friends. The vendor was asking $20, which is a great price. 

The same vendor had a small funeral floral basket. I can’t explain why I find these so pretty; I just do. He wanted $5 for the basket. Then I heard back from Kathy, that she wanted the phone. So, I asked the vendor if he would take $20 for the phone and basket. He agreed! Score! I have already dropped the phone off at Kathy’s. Here is the basket with some flowers on the doorstep:

Next up, a vintage floral hooked runner. Only $15. 

I adore these hand hooked rugs. So much work went into this piece! A steal at $15. 

Then, a vintage cameo and chain for $10. It was marked $12; the vendor offered the lower price to entice me. It worked!

Again, this beautifully carved delicate shell represents hours upon hours of work. I found an aqua vintage jewelry box for the cameo for $2. 

Lovely, isn’t she?

This next buy isn’t old; it is new with tags. For $3, an interesting pouch. I plan to store art supplies in this:

Something else I collect; vintage  measuring tapes. Just $2. It is marked “Made in Germany” so it predates World War II. Timothy bought it for me!

A design/decorating book. $1. 

A beautiful, unsigned, unframed, floral oil painting for $15. 

Then, I spied an interesting sign in the antique store adjacent to the flea market. 

As you can see, the sign came from Bowdoin College which is in Brunswick, Maine. The sign caught my eye because darling daughter lived in the Harriet Beecher Stowe house at Phillips Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts during her senior year of high school! I texted a photo of the sign to darling daughter. While she was delighted to see it, she took a pass on my offer to purchase. 

Timothy O’Leary found these two items:

A marking gauge for $5, pictured on top. And a 8 inch Henry Disston backsaw, also for $5. He is very excited about these finds, particularly the saw. Me, I am like, “meh”. Hey, but to each, his own. I never have to worry about Mr. O’Leary trying to scoop me on merchandise. 

We followed up our spree at the flea at Huot’s for lunch. Which I wrote about I my last post. 

We are back on the island. Emma was happy to see us return. She did her happy dance and then ran around the backyard like a crazy dog! She is snoring in her crate now. 

I am back to work at the inn tomorrow at 7am. Working on Monday, too. I really needed a break from work and from the island. The Arundel Flea Market and Huot’s were just the ticket! Thank you, Mr. O’Leary!

Yours, Merryweather