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Tracia and I traveled over the Potomac River and through the woods yesterday looking for good deals in the Virginia countryside. We found a yard sale in Maryland on our way. Sadly, I didn’t find anything there. 

We were at the Goodwill in King George when they opened at ten. I found these lovelies:


A vintage pre-WWII forty-eight star four foot by six foot U. S. flag for $5. 

Four brand new eyelet fabric dinner napkins for $2. 


A colorful New Direction abstract print dress for darling daughter. $3.50. 


A modal full size sheet for $2. Modal is a type of rayon fabric made from beech trees. It is very soft. A full size sheet is about  2 1/4 yards of fabric. I plan to make another top tomorrow with Heidi!

Tracia and I went to A Unique House, a large antique cooperative, just down Route 301 in King George. Back in the day, I was a vendor there. But that is a story for another time. Incredibly, I did not buy a thing there, although there were deals to be had. I exercised a lot of budgetary discretion. Whew. Exercise. Exhausting. 

Lunch! Carnitas at Pancho Villa’s in King George. The best carnitas I have found to date and I am a thorough researcher. Tracia had a taco salad that looked tasty too. 

Then we made a decision to try the Goodwill in Fredericksburg. I found some stuff. 


A bird and nest theme door wreath. $3. 


Some small items we can use for an upcoming seashell art workshop. $2 for both the frame and the light switch cover. Stay tuned. The plan is to cover these items with shells. 


An XXL white button down to be upcycled. $2.  

Tracia made out like a bandit. She found everything on her list! This is impressive as thrift shopping with a list can lead to disappointment. Tracia nailed it. 

The car was nearly full. We stopped at Starbucks for a treat after an exhausting day thrifting. 


I used an alias when asked for my name for the cup. Some people will do anything for a giggle. 

Well, my friends, those are the details. Tracia is an excellent thrifting partner. If the weather is nice on Saturday, we are going to find us some yard sales! 

Yours, Merryweather