Provisions & Pinterest

Good morning, my lovelies! It is a gorgeous morning on the island! Yesterday we got fresh mulch put down on the grounds around our building. It smells like a pine forest out there! It looks nice, too. 

I worked the 3-11pm shift at the Inn yesterday. It was exciting because I made some room reservations; something I need practice doing! I must say we have the nicest guests at the Inn! I love to introduce the guests to all we have on the island in terms of amenities and points of interest! One family came in yesterday and were absolutely thrilled with everything I told them about the island amenities. Absolutely thrilled! It is so much fun sharing my enthusiasm for the island with these likewise enthusiastic visitors! Here are front desk flowers from the Inn:

I have another Pinterest milestone: 24,000 pins! Actually, 24,001. Whew! Pinning can be exhausting! I also have 428 wonderful followers!

I joined Pinterest in February, 2016. I pin quite a lot during the winter, when Emma, my yellow Labrador fur baby, and I are hibernating together. Now with my job and the nice weather, I have less time to pin. Pinterest scratches my itch for pretty things. I collect photos of pretty things like a magpie collects shiny objects. 

I am planning a provisioning run today on the 855 ferry from Great Diamond Island. Mark, our resident assistant, will be picking me up in the shuttle bus about 845. I could take the same boat from Diamond Cove at 825, but the boat goes to Long Island before heading back to GDI, making it a long trip. A nice trip, but a long one. When I pick it up at GDI, there is just the Little Diamond Island stop, then straight on to Portland. 

We all know that a provisions run is an excuse for me to go thrifting while I am out and about on the mainland! Let’s see if I have any good finds today!

Yours, Merryweather 

Hot on Island


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Dear readers! Happy Monday! We are having a heat wave here at Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island, Maine! In the nineties yesterday and today! We have had a strange spring; mostly cold and rainy with an occasional nice warm day every now and again. But, now we may have slipped into full on summer!

I worked the front desk, with Elizabeth, front desk goddess, yesterday. It was smooth sailing. At lunchtime, I came home to visit with my fur baby, Emma. I also grabbed some chocolate bars from my stash to share with my colleagues. 

You see, the Inn offers chocolate covered strawberries as a guest amenity (for a fee). We had an order for some yesterday. I was telling Ross, who works the front desk and also food and beverage, about the time I was traveling in California and stopped in a corner bodega for an afternoon pick me up.  The store had these enormous strawberries coated in peanut butter and then dipped in chocolate!!! Nirvana. 

This story made me think of the Trader Joe’s PB&J Chocolate bars I discovered recently! Yes! Chocolate bars filled with peanut butter and raspberry jelly! Yum! This is what the chocolate bars look like:

So when I got back to work, we broke out the chocolate bars. Everyone, including Elizabeth, loved the chocolate. Ross commented, with all seriousness, “Life changing”. He cracks me up. Nate, one of our valets, told me he enjoyed the smooth, creamy filling inside the chocolate. The consensus was “Delicious”. 

I thought I would mention these amazingly delicious Trader Joe’s PB&J Chocolate bars to you, too! Give them a try! If you are feeling especially ambitious, whip up some peanut butter dipped, chocolate covered strawberries and see if they don’t hit the spot!

Wishing you all my best!

Yours, Merryweather 

Back to the Island

Hello, my dears! Happy Saturday evening! Emma, my lovely English Labrador sidekick, and I returned from my parents’ house in Massachusetts to Diamond Cove this morning. We had a nice time with my family; my brother and Etta, his lovely English Labrador sidekick, even came for a visit to my parents’ yesterday! Such fun!

I packed the car yesterday evening so we would be ready to go early this morning. O’dark thirty early. I wanted to beat the vacationers on the highway this morning. Nothing worse than being stuck in morning beach traffic.

I did make a quick trip to Bernats Antiques in Uxbridge yesterday afternoon so I had something extra to pack. For $8, I found a lamp from an old industrial sewing machine. It needs to be rewired. I will also have to track down some bulbs for this bad boy. But, I had to have it! I bought it from Bob, of BC Antiques. Jane and I met Bob at Brimfield Flea Market last month. Here is the lamp:

Emma and I came back on the 1000 am ferry this morning with about one million other people! It was crowded. Summer is here. I met Jerry, a friendly older chap from Long Island, and his beagle, Louie. We had a nice chat about island living. 

When we pulled into Diamond Cove, there was a bit of a ferry mishap. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But someone’s new dishwasher (a machine; not a person) will never be the same again. After we pulled up to the dock, somehow said dishwasher fell from the upper deck straight into the water! I don’t have any photos, regrettably. The folks on the dock were like “Never seen that happen before…”. 

After all the excitement, Emma and I got back to the house and proceeded to nap! 

Timothy O’Leary came to visit in the 245 ferry. For dinner tonight, we went to the General Store for sammies. We had today’s special, which was braised, slow cooked, pulled pork with carmelized onions, Cabot cheddar and coke slaw on a brioche bun: 

Deliciousness! My compliments to Angela and Rocky for a tasty dinner. Everything I have had from the General Store has been very good. Emma came for the walk to the store with us. She soaked up some loving by other customers; one young woman petted her for twenty minutes! 

Just as we got back home, Fred pulled up in his golf cart. Fred is getting ready to move to the mainland this summer and is currently lightening his load. He is purging. God Bless him; he keeps bringing me things! Tonight he brought a beautiful porcelain jar. It is so pretty! With Fred offloading household items, it is like the flea market is coming to me! Here is the jar:

I am working at the Inn tomorrow morning with Elizabeth, front desk goddess. We expect a busy day and it is supposed to be ninety degrees out! I am excited to go over Fred’s after work; he has more loot for me! 

Stay tuned! 

Yours, Merryweather

Major Thrifting ScoreĀ 


Hello, again, my lovelies. 

So. Earlier today, I posted about my hometown thrift haul! My mom and I visited our local Salvation Army store this afternoon. There, among other items, I found two knit tops. I thrifted this grey striped one:

And I also purchased the identical top in solid black (so slimming!). I paid $4 each. You can see on the tag, the designer is Mary McFadden. 

Well. Tonight I was browsing around on ThredUp, the online clothing thrift extravaganza. I can’t believe it, but I actually found the same Mary McFadden knit top, in electric blue for sale for $32.99. Here it is:

Here is the thing: Check out that MSRP!!! $200!!! Yikes!!!

I would have to be fabulously wealthy (which I am not!) to be able to spend $200 on a knit top. I can’t even imagine a universe where I would spend $200 on a knit top. I lack the sort of imagination to be able to envision spending $200 on a knit top. $200 for a knit top?!? Really?!?

No disrespect to Ms. McFadden. I know designers are talented people and deserve to be compensated for their talent. However, it is times like this that I really enjoy participating in the secondhand economy. Seriously. I am going to thoroughly enjoy wearing my two $200 Mary McFadden knit tops, proudly knowing I paid a mere $4 for each!!! I paid just 2% of MSRP for these knit tops!!! 98% savings! Ka-Ching!

Don’t you just love a bargain?

Yours, Merryweather

Hometown Thrifting!

Emma and I came to visit my parents last night! We took the 445 ferry to Portland and then drove south to my parents’ house in Massachusetts. We arrived about 830pm and began our occupation of the homefront! We plan to stay until the wee early hours on Saturday.

My mom and I headed out thrifting this morning! Emma, my English Labrador, stayed home with her Grampa. Mom and I went to the Blessing Barn in Milford, Massachusetts. I found three pairs of pants there for $2 each, including a pair of super stylish black (so slimming!) Calvin Klein pants!!! Calvin Klein pants! $2! Here are the three pairs:

First, grey knit yoga pants, khaki capris, and finally, the black Calvin Kleins!

From Milford, we traveled to Mendon, to the Blessing Barn Home Store to do some more shopping! I can’t believe what I found there:

It is a cellphone accessory that looks like a vintage telephone receiver! The handset plugs into my cellphone! I think this is brilliant! It set me back $7. It actually color coordinates with my cellphone cover. I would take a photo to show you, but I am blogging on my phone!

I also bought two most awesome gifts for Jane!!! I will have to blog separately about those finds soon (they are packed in the car). Did I mention that Jane is coming back for another visit to the island in late July?!? I am so excited! We are going to work on covering my golf cart with seashells! 

Ok. Back to my thrifting report. 

After hitting both Blessing Barns this morning, mom and I went home to have lunch with dad. Then it was more thrifting at Salvation Army in Northbridge, the next town over. I hit the mother lode of extra lovely (XL) sized women’s blouses and tops! I tried to stick to my favorite clothing colors (black, grey, blue, and pink) so that everything will mix and match. Here they are:

I also bought the exact same top as the last one (grey and ivory stripes) in solid black. The photo of it turned out fuzzy so I am not going to post it here. The tops were $4 each, with the exception of the first one (the printed blouse) which was $10. 

At Salvation Army, I also found a conch shell for my collection for $4:

And a Noritake China dish for $2:

And some Boston Red Sox headgear, in pink for $2 each:

And some king size floral quilted pillow shams, $2 each:

And, finally, two pretty pink hand towels, $1 each:

Mom and I made a quick stop at Joyful Things, an adorable antique shop in North Uxbridge. I found a necklace which was free!

Some vintage Dennison tags for $5 (I see an upcoming art project with these!):

And, finally, two handfuls of vintage multicolor plastic alphabet magnets like the ones I have at home on the refrigerator. Dad is spray painting them black as we speak! I can’t wait to add them to my collection currently on the refrigerator. I will be able to spell more words with the addition of these new magnets. I paid $4 for them. Stay tuned for enhanced messaging on the fridge!

Is hometown thrifting the best, or what?!?

Yours, Merryweather

Tuesday Off the Island

Greetings, my lovelies! Today was a fun day! In spite of buckets of rain pouring down from perpetually gray skies and 50 degree temperatures (where is Spring?), Emma and I went ashore today. We had errands to do! If you have followed along with my blog for very long, you know that “errands” is just a code word for “shopping opportunities”! So let’s hit it!

Emma and I went to Brunswick, Maine today! Upon the sage advice of Elizabeth, front desk goddess at the Inn, we visited Timeless Cottage on Maine Street. There, I met June, a kindred spirit, shop associate. I also found the most wonderful gift for my brother and Nancy. 

In a couple of weeks, they are going to come to the island to take care of Emma while I am in Maryland, visiting with Jane and attending Mandy’s wedding (darling daughter is a bridesmaid!). Here is the “thank you for coming to the island and taking care of Emma while I am in Maryland” gift for my brother and Nancy:

Their dog, Etta, is a black Labrador. My dog, Emma, is a yellow Labrador. Etta and Emma have the same sire so they are sister dogs! Therefore, this little pillow is perfect! Elizabeth was right; I really enjoyed my visit to Timeless Cottage!

While on Maine Street, I had to stop by my favorite shop, Hatch on Maine! Hannah, one of the lovely shopowners, was there today! It had been awhile since I have had a chance to visit with Hannah. We compared notes on our respective expeditions to Brimfield Flea Market. Of course, I looked around carefully at all the beautiful merchandise! After extensive browsing and deliberating, I decided on three items to purchase. 

First, for darling daughter’s button collection, a hometown pin:

Then, a set of charming coasters made from colorful vintage textiles!

And finally, a little oval ironstone dish for my extensive dish collection:

After the trip to Brunswick, I had a bee in my bonnet. I really wanted to go to the Bass Clothing Store in South Portland for a new pair of Weejuns. What, pray tell, are Weejuns? you may be asking yourself…

Penny loafers! These are almost a patent leather black. Sturdy. Comfortable. The perfect shoes to go with my front desk uniform at the Inn! Regular retail was $170. However, I never pay retail and certainly not regular retail! These penny loafers were on sale for 80% off. So these beauties would have set me back $34. But, wait for it, the shoes were an additional 20% off today!!! They ended up costing me $27.20! 

On account of the great deal I got on the penny loafers, I went ahead and bought another pair of shoes on sale at Bass today. These were golden:

These spiffy ballet flats were just $18. So pretty, so comfortable. They will also look nice with my front desk uniform. Two pairs of great shoes for less than $50! I am going to chalk this up as a win!

Emma and I also got provisions, mailed letters, and went to the bank while we were ashore. 

Gosh, I have had a devil of a time uploading these photos tonight! If only the Internet Gods would smile down on me for five minutes or so. I have to be getting to bed soon! I am working at 7am tomorrow! I need my beauty sleep! Emma is in her crate snoring already!

Yours, Merryweather  

Permanence in an Impermanent World

I was chatting with Elizabeth, front desk goddess, at the inn today. When we are not terribly busy, I have had the pleasure of getting to know my co-workers better.  Elizabeth and I were discussing yesterday’s trip to the flea market and my love for vintage anything. Elizabeth is a kindred spirit. 

With regards to vintage finds, I am compelled by how well-made, sturdy, and legitimate these items are. I was describing the Bell telephone I found for Kathy yesterday at the flea to Elizabeth. That telephone, probably dating to the 1950s, was made to last. Back in the day, consumer goods were, in fact, made to last. None of this planned obsolescence BS that we deal with nowadays. Therein lies my affinity to vintage goods: their apparent and comparative permanence in an impermanent world. 

This attraction of mine to the well-made and sturdy informed my decision to buy my townhouse in what used to be a barracks building dating from 1890 on Historic Fort McKinley on Great Diamond Island. Granite foundation, brick building, slate roof. Built to Government specifications. Completely legitimate. Again, more permanent than most buildings in our impermanent world. I long for things built to last. 

Yours, Merryweather 

Arundel Flea Market Haul


Courtesy of Timothy O’Leary, I visited a new flea market today! Pinch me! I love flea markets! Mr. O’Leary took me to the fabulous flea market in Arundel, Maine! Arundel is about forty minutes south of Portland. While no where near as large as the flea market in Brimfield, Massachusetts, the vendors at Arundel had awesome, awesome merchandise! I made a killing! 

First, I spied an old school Bell telephone! Here it is in the wild:

The 603 area code is New Hampshire. I remembered that one of my friends was looking for one of these. I just couldn’t remember who! So I snapped this photo and texted some friends. The vendor was asking $20, which is a great price. 

The same vendor had a small funeral floral basket. I can’t explain why I find these so pretty; I just do. He wanted $5 for the basket. Then I heard back from Kathy, that she wanted the phone. So, I asked the vendor if he would take $20 for the phone and basket. He agreed! Score! I have already dropped the phone off at Kathy’s. Here is the basket with some flowers on the doorstep:

Next up, a vintage floral hooked runner. Only $15. 

I adore these hand hooked rugs. So much work went into this piece! A steal at $15. 

Then, a vintage cameo and chain for $10. It was marked $12; the vendor offered the lower price to entice me. It worked!

Again, this beautifully carved delicate shell represents hours upon hours of work. I found an aqua vintage jewelry box for the cameo for $2. 

Lovely, isn’t she?

This next buy isn’t old; it is new with tags. For $3, an interesting pouch. I plan to store art supplies in this:

Something else I collect; vintage  measuring tapes. Just $2. It is marked “Made in Germany” so it predates World War II. Timothy bought it for me!

A design/decorating book. $1. 

A beautiful, unsigned, unframed, floral oil painting for $15. 

Then, I spied an interesting sign in the antique store adjacent to the flea market. 

As you can see, the sign came from Bowdoin College which is in Brunswick, Maine. The sign caught my eye because darling daughter lived in the Harriet Beecher Stowe house at Phillips Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts during her senior year of high school! I texted a photo of the sign to darling daughter. While she was delighted to see it, she took a pass on my offer to purchase. 

Timothy O’Leary found these two items:

A marking gauge for $5, pictured on top. And a 8 inch Henry Disston backsaw, also for $5. He is very excited about these finds, particularly the saw. Me, I am like, “meh”. Hey, but to each, his own. I never have to worry about Mr. O’Leary trying to scoop me on merchandise. 

We followed up our spree at the flea at Huot’s for lunch. Which I wrote about I my last post. 

We are back on the island. Emma was happy to see us return. She did her happy dance and then ran around the backyard like a crazy dog! She is snoring in her crate now. 

I am back to work at the inn tomorrow at 7am. Working on Monday, too. I really needed a break from work and from the island. The Arundel Flea Market and Huot’s were just the ticket! Thank you, Mr. O’Leary!

Yours, Merryweather 

Finally Off the Island



Timothy O’Leary took me to lunch today at Huot’s in Camp Ellis, Maine! OMG doesn’t begin to cover it! We both had the fried clams:

Sweet. Tender. Juicy. Everything a fried clam should be. I made them disappear. 

If you should find yourself in or around Camp Ellis, Maine, I highly recommend Huot’s

Big shout out to Timothy’s mom, Claudette, who we were thinking about when we were enjoying the clams! 

Yours, Merryweather 

Island Update

Whew! I have worked at the inn nine days straight. I have not left the island! I am going in today at ten to make it an even ten days in a row. I am supposed to be working PART TIME! Next week’s schedule comes out today. I am hoping to be scheduled for just three days. Because I have been so busy working, I don’t have much to blog about! I haven’t even taken any photos to post lately. I apologize. 

In good news, I have tomorrow and Saturday off so there will be a flea market in my future! Timothy O’Leary has suggested the flea market in Arundel, Maine as the site of upcoming pillaging. We will give it a whirl on Saturday morning. I will do errands, and hopefully some art, tomorrow. 

I will write again soon. Take care, my lovelies!

Yours, Merryweather