Promised Photos

Pictured here from right to left; Mandy, the beautiful bride, darling daughter, Bethany, and Jordan:

The goodies from yesterday’s pillaging with Jane:

Sushi roll necklace, $25. 

Vintage barkcloth floral curtain panel, $2. 

Vintage embroidered pillowcases, $3.50. 

Pretty dish, as found, $1.

Rolls of pink tulle and white scalloped ribbon, $3. 

Jane’s new $15 table:

It is a beauty. Fits the space perfectly!

Yours, Merryweather 


Mandy’s Wedding!


Wow! I had a busy day today! Jane and I were out and about at ten this morning. I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but we went pillaging this morning! We started at a small flea market in Calloway. I bought a new “Sushi Roll” necklace and a vintage staple gun which happens to be turquoise. I will take pictures to post tomorrow, I promise. 

Then we went to St. Andrew’s Church Thrift Store. I found an awesome vintage side table for Jane’s living room! For $15!!! It was just what she was looking for. Again, pictures tomorrow. 

Then we went to Vintage Values in Leonardtown. Jane found a few items. I got nada. As in nothing. Zip. 

Then we found a fabulous yard sale. I bought a bunch of stuff for $9.50. I will break out the stuff for photos tomorrow. 

Then we went back to Jane’s. Her friend, Bobby, was there. Jane made us chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Right after lunch it was time for me to get ready for Mandy’s wedding! 

Then I went to Mandy’s wedding at 430 at Chesapeake Bay Resort & Spa! It was a beautiful day. Absolutely gorgeous. It was the best day ever!

We weren’t supposed to take photos during the ceremony. They had a professional photographer, of course. Here is where the ceremony took place:

We met Mandy in 1997 at preschool, when she was a precious and precocious three years old. She and darling daughter became fast friends. Twenty years have gone by.  Here are Mandy and her friends, including darling daughter in the way back:

I have known most of these young women since they were little girls in dance class together! They have grown into beautiful, accomplished women. Mandy is the first of her peers to tie the knot. Here they are again:

My darling daughter, looking like a Greek goddess:

Mandy married Zak. They are absolutely adorable together! They wrote vows for each other and cried when reciting them. Which made me cry. Then we got to the reception, they were dancing, playing around, and laughing. Which made me laugh. It was a beautiful wedding. 

Mandy and Zak leave on Monday morning for their honeymoon in Jamaica. I have invited them for a second honeymoon in Maine! They are going to try to come in August! I am so excited! They love to travel. I think they will really enjoy Portland and Diamond Cove. 

I am back at Jane’s house now. Tuckered out. Tomorrow promises to be a fun day, too, because Jane and I are having lunch with Barbara, Debbie, and Charlene, our buddies from the art group here in Maryland! We are having Mexican! I can’t wait to see them!

Goodnight for now!

Yours, Merryweather 

More Driving Today

Hello peeps! I am here in Maryland visiting with my best friend, Jane, prepping for a wedding tomorrow for one of darling daughter’s best friends! Today was about a bit of pampering and some more driving. I am actually considering that my next career might be as an over the road trucker, given the amount of driving I do when I am off island. 

First, the pampering. I had a manicure and a pedicure today in my old home town, Solomons! I can’t remember the last time I had either. My toenails looked like talons! My cuticles were a mess! Is that oversharing? 

It was so relaxing having my feet soaked and scrubbed and massaged. I love a good pedicure. Then my fingernails got the treatment, too. Both cost just $37, which seems low, given I was in the salon for over an hour and a half! I was a generous tipper because of the time and attention lavished on my appendages. I went with a neutral light colored cafe au lait polish. Here are my toes, attached to my unattractive, yet pampered, feet:

Jane had an appointment so she missed out on the pampering this morning. But we did meet up for lunch. Then we headed to Washington D. C. to retrieve darling daughter! More driving!

As soon as we picked up the lovely, young woman, we immediately headed from D. C. to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland to drop her off for the rehearsal dinner for Mandy’s wedding tomorrow. Because of construction and a related traffic tie-up near the resort where we were headed, darling daughter was about to be late. So while we were stuck in traffic, she jumped out of the car, grabbed her suitcase, and walked the rest of the way to the hotel!

Jane and I then headed back towards her house. Of course, passing through Prince Frederick, we had a TJ Maxx attack! And, truth be told, I stopped there yesterday on my way to Jane’s, too! I bought some candles, some bags of seashells (for my golf cart project!), a bottle of nail polish, and a straw hat with flowers to wear to the wedding tomorrow!

After our TJ Maxx shopping, we stopped at a farm stand for some fresh vegetables to have with dinner. Tomatoes, summer squash, and corn in the cob! All deliciously prepared by Jane! 

Now we are watching a movie. And I am blogging. There has been discussion of going out in the morning to yard sale! I will keep you posted. The wedding is at 430 in the afternoon. Obviously, I am trying to squeeze quite a lot into my visit!

On Sunday, I would like to get together with my Southern Maryland friends for lunch. What say you, Barbara? Charlene? Deb? Lunch on Sunday at the same restaurant where we had my going away last year???

Yours, Merryweather

Safe Arrival in Maryland 

Hello, dear readers! I made it safe and sound to my bestie’s house late yesterday afternoon! I was so happy to see Jane! It was a bit of a long drive; route 95 through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York to the George Washington Bridge took five hours as opposed to three and a half on a good day. My rental, a white Chevy Malibu, drove nicely. I set up the Bluetooth in the car so that I could chat on the phone safely. Remember: safety first!

Meanwhile, in Maine, Dan, Nancy, Emma, and Etta are doing fine! Here the girls are on the ferry on Wednesday night:

These are photos Nancy took yesterday, relaxing by the water:

Unfortunately, it is raining this morning and rain is also predicted for tomorrow. Mandy’s wedding is a beach wedding on the Chesapeake Bay. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that the rain stays away from tomorrow’s soirĂ©e. 

I am headed to D.C. this afternoon to pick up darling daughter and bring her to the rehearsal dinner tonight. I am looking forward to seeing her! It will be exciting to see darling daughter as a bridesmaid! I miss her quite a lot. This trip will be a temporary remedy. 

For now, kind readers, I bid you goodbye. I will write soon!

Yours, Merryweather 

First Leg of Trip

Whew! I have arrived safely at my parents’ house in Massachusetts with my rental car. I am pooped! Emma, my fur baby, got dropped off with my brother, Dan in Braintree, south of Boston, earlier today. Here she is in the backseat of his truck with her sister dog, Etta:

Dan and his girlfriend, Nancy, left to go to my place in Maine a little while ago. So basically, Emma got driven from Maine to Massachusetts this morning, only to be driven back to Maine this afternoon! Emma was so excited to see Dan! She hardly noticed me when I left (sob!). 

We just had dinner (thanks, Mom!), a delicious shepard’s pie! Now it is time to rest up before tomorrow’s journey! My mom and dad are going to Maine on Saturday to spend the weekend with Dan, Nancy and the dogs on the island. I do believe there will be some card games played! 

So lots of excitement all the way around!

Yours, Merryweather 

Preparations for Trip

Hello, dear readers! Today is a gorgeous day here on the island; sunny, warm, breezy! And I am scurrying around like a crazed mouse in a cheese shop getting ready for my trip to Maryland this week! It really snuck up on me. Well, ok, I’ve done my fair share of procrastinating, too!

I am working at the Inn again tonight from three to eleven. I meet the most fabulous people there! I can’t believe they pay me to meet and greet the guests! It is so much fun! I get so excited, telling stories and answering questions about the island. Like for instance, why is the gate between Diamond Cove and Great Diamond Island locked? I tell the guests, “There was drama”.  And there was Island drama. But rather than to get into it, I just keep it light and fun. 

I should be packing, but I’d much rather blog! My fur baby, Emma, and I are headed out on the 825 ferry in the morning. Then we will travel to Braintree, MA where I will pass Emma off to my brother and pick up a rental car. Poor Mary Passat is on borrowed time with a questionable transmission. I had better not tempt the automotive gods by driving her to MD. In February, during my last visit south of the Mason Dixon line, things went awry with Mary Passat. I certainly don’t want that to happen again. 

My plan is to spend tomorrow night with my parents in MA, so that I will be poised to depart for MD fairly early on Thursday. I am going to Jane’s! I can’t wait to see her! Then on Friday, I will be rendezvousing with darling daughter in DC! I can’t wait to see her! Mandy’s wedding is Saturday! I can’t wait to see her! 

The rest of the visit is largely unscheduled, but I am quite certain there will be shopping opportunities! There will be all my favorite shops in MD to visit and pillage, as appropriate. Having lived in MD for twenty years, it is great fun to go back to revisit my favorite places. I am also interested in seeing what our former cottage now looks like. It was undergoing a major renovation the last time we visited. 

As I am blogging, Emma is having an afternoon nap in her crate. She is snoring. Here she is earlier, when her eyes were open:

I laundered her pet bed. It gets really fluffy when I do. She will have to work it down by laying on it. 

While I am away, my brother and Nancy and the dogs will be staying at my place on the island. There is a rumor my parents might even visit on Saturday! Everyone loves it here on the island. It is beautiful!

Alright. Must. Get. Going…

Chat later, dear readers!

Yours, Merryweather 

Thursday Thrifting

Hello, my lovelies! Happy Thursday! I headed off the island this morning on the 825 ferry. Here is the view of the dock at Diamond Cove from my golf cart parking spot, flag fluttering in the breeze:

I went to Brunswick today, about a half hour north of Portland. Emma, my fur baby, stayed home. Once the ferry docked in Portland, I walked the six blocks uphill to the parking lot where I stash my car, Mary Passat. It was a beautiful day. 

My first stop was Salvation Army. As always, I browsed extensively. My thoroughness paid off. I bought this new with tags Charter Club blouse in my extra lovely size, marked $79.50 for $5:

I heart hearts so I also purchased these new with tags pj bottoms, originally retailing for $40 for just $1:

Finally, I spied this sign:

This slogan speaks to me. Adulting can be hard! Kids – don’t grow up; it’s a trap! The sign cost $1. I am going to hang it in my art studio in the basement.

My next stop was Hatch on Maine, of course! Lucky me! Both Hannah and Dustan were in the shop today! These two ladies do the most amazing job with their shop! I love catching up with them! There is always something that I absolutely must have in the shop. Hard to believe, I know. 

First, though, I have to set the stage. We had a few super hot days here in Maine recently. I got out all my vintage fans and set them up around the house to cool things off. In one corner of the dining room I have this set up:

Vintage oscillating fan on rickety, painted, vintage fern table with a large seashell. Makes perfect sense and really moves the air around. I also have vintage fans in the bedrooms. I had an extra fan though, with no obvious place to put it. 

So as I was chatting with Hannah and Dustan, I looked down and saw it! An exact replica of the fern table from my dining room! Except with grey paint as opposed to white! I had to have it! For $32, it was mine! Here it is, fully assembled with vintage, oscillating fan and large seashell in the other corner in the dining room:

I love symmetry! It is uncanny how alike the two tables are! They were definitely meant to be together. Thanks, Hannah! Thanks, Dustan! I am your biggest FAN! See what I did there?

In any case, I managed a trip to Trader Joe’s in Portland for more provisions before dropping my purchases off at Casco Bay Lines to be freighted to the island in time for the 245pm ferry. Whew! It was a bit of a dash. 

I made a quick stop in Anthropologie on Pearl Street after parking my car on the walk back to catch the ferry. I just love it in there. I found a book to buy for $8:

I read the book on the ferry ride. Quick read. All I can say is: “Amen!” Good book, worth reading. 

When I got home, Emma was happy to see me! I was happy to see her! I gave her some carrots to snack on. She loves carrots! 

Then I saw my delivery from ThredUp had arrived today! Oh joy! Here is what I had ordered recently:

I needed a crossbody style black purse to go with my wardrobe which is primarily black and grey. The crossbody purse I have now is also Fossil, but it is brown. I don’t need everything to match all the time. However, as much as I love my current brown Fossil crossbody purse, it is harshing my vibe a bit. I bought the boots because I am always on the lookout for black wedges. Shoes, sandals, or boots. And, Nine West! I adore Nine West footware! I love everything I got from ThredUp! 

Well, my dears, it is time to run for now. Figuratively speaking, of course. I can only literally run if there is a big brown bear standing behind me. Then I will haul ass outta there!!! 

Yours, Merryweather

Fruitti di mare


Fruit of the sea.  

So pretty! I have a number of old silver plated serving trays which I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) in Old White last year. I was planning on hanging them on a wall as a grouping. I never got to do it. Today whilst I was sorting my latest bag of seashells from the thrift store, I thought about the trays. Bazinga! 

Now I am thinking about sorting and organizing all the seashells in the house and laying them out on trays! Doing so will probably make our upcoming art project go more smoothly. 

What upcoming art project, you may ask? The one where we (myself, Jane, and other volunteers) glue seashells in interesting patterns all over my golf cart! I have been dreaming about this project all year! I am hoping to start by the end of next month. Wish us luck! 

Yours, Merryweather

Sunny Wednesday

Hello, dear readers! Well, today I have nothing as simultaneously dramatic and hysterical as compared to yesterday’s happenings to report on! Nearly getting run over by a beer truck and breaking the screen on my iPhone is going to be hard to beat. 

I was scheduled to work today at the Inn. As it was slow and the front desk was in Priscilla’s very capable hands, I got to come home! I grabbed a Starbucks caramel macchiato to go, hopped back in my golf cart, and headed home to my fur baby, Emma. 

When I say fur baby, I do mean, FUR baby. I have brushed Emma, my lovely yellow Labrador, twice already today. She is shedding like an overheated Yeti in August in South Florida. We are gonna need a bigger vacuum. 

Yesterday I did have time in the afternoon to pop into the Goodwill in Falmouth when I went to the bank. I found a new sun hat and a canvas bag. Hat $8 and bag $1. Check out the hedgehog on the bag!

Who doesn’t love a hedgehog? I also found a large bag of seashells for $3 at Goodwill. We will use these to glue onto my golf cart when we begin my epic seashell art project next month. I am sorting the shells. Because I love to sort things!

God Bless, it took quiet awhile to upload these two photos! I need a new Internet Service Provider!!! Stat!

It is the middle of June. I am just now putting my winter clothes away for the season. I would take photos to show you, but it would take forever to get them uploaded. I left some long sleeve tops, sweatshirts, and light sweaters in the closet, for the chillier days and for nighttime ferry rides when it can be cold. Tomorrow is only supposed to be in the sixties. 

For today, that’s a wrap!

Yours, Merryweather