Hello, dear readers! Thank you for bearing with me while I was away from the blog here and while I am still experiencing technical difficulties. I have not yet resolved my issue of not having any more blog space so as to be able to post photos. I will get on that. Soon, I promise. 

In the meantime, let’s review this past week’s happening happenings! 

We celebrated my blog’ third birthday last Saturday. Woo hoo! 

I worked at the Inn last Sunday with Elizabeth, front desk goddess. I love working with Elizabeth! We always have fun! Time flies by when I work with Elizabeth!

I also worked at the Inn on Monday. I crafted a list of amenities for our guests’ enjoyment while staying at the Inn.  Kelly, our Innkeeper, paid me a huge compliment in telling me that she liked the “voice” I used on the list. Perhaps I do have a bit of a knack for this writing thing after three years of practice here on my lovely blog!

Tuesday I went to Brunswick and spent a small fortune on an eye exam and a pair of high index, super duper, progressive bifocals with all the bells and whistles in some Kate Spade frames. A small fortune. As in, the optometrist should have offered payment options approximating a thirty year mortgage or something. Expensive! But, as it turns out, a girl has got to see. I have grown weary of walking around like Mr. Magoo all the time. Google that if you don’t get the reference. 

Wednesday I took Emma, my fur baby, to the veterinarian for her yearly checkup. She has an ear infection. She is such a trooper. Otherwise, she is healthy, thankfully. Day two of expensive appointments though! I don’t go ashore often, but when I do it involves spending money. This week, it was lots of money! 

Thursday I went ashore on fool’s errand, part deux. Several months ago, in an antique store on Route One in York, I had seen a bunch of small pieces of driftwood for sale. I did not buy any driftwood at the time. But I thought the little pieces would be perfect for my upcoming seashell golf cart project! 

So I went back to the store last Wednesday on the one day of the week the shop was closed, fool’s errand, part one. Thursday turned out to be fool’s errand, part deux because the shop owner did not have enough driftwood to sell me a volume buy. Darn it. 

Now I have to go find driftwood in NATURE! Of course, the driftwood will be free if I pick it up beachcombing, but I really liked the idea of buying it. Yes, I know, I know. I live on an island, surrounded by nature, with six nearby beaches to be combed. Yada yada yada. Darn it. I guess we know what my next project will be!

On Friday, I worked at the Inn again. Also, Mr. O’Leary came to visit. 

Today, island neighbors Jana and Scott celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows at the outdoor altar on the island! It was a lovely ceremony! Then they hosted a get together at their place afterwards. Mr. O’Leary and I made custard pies for the festivities. A great time was had by all! 

Tomorrow I am working the front desk with Goddess Elizabeth. I can’t wait! Fun awaits. 

On Monday, Susan, my oil painting instructor, is coming to visit! She has never been to Great Diamond Island so I am going to show her around. We are going to take photos and have lunch. It will be good to get caught up with Susan. I am so excited!

That is a wrap! Thanks for playing along!

Yours, Merryweather