Hello, dear readers! Happy Saturday to you! And Happy Third Birthday, Blog! Yes, this blog is now three years old! If you have been along for the entire ride, you might remember I started blogging to have a non-messy, creative outlet while I attempted to sell my cottage in Maryland. My furniture painting and sewing and other endeavors were too untidy for a house that was being shown by real estate agents on a semi regular basis. So I began blogging!

Now, three years later, we are relocated to our island off Portland, Maine and my blogging continues! I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the journey with you! Whether the topic has been travel, real estate, relocation, creative undertakings or thrifting, I get a kick out of writing about the goings on! 

And I appreciate your readership! Truly I wouldn’t have much of a blog, without you, my dear readers! Some statistics; the blog is approaching six thousand visitors and thirteen thousand views in three years time! These are great numbers! I am eternally grateful to each of you who spend time sharing in my misadventures!

Speaking of misadventures, another milestone was achieved today! I pinned my 25,000th pin on Pinterest! 25,000 pins!!! That is quite a lot of pins! Also, I have 500 Pinterest followers! Woo-hoo! Check me out over at Pinterest, if you have a chance!

Emma, my fur baby, and I have spent a relaxing (i. e. nap filled) day here at the island townhouse. I got an early start today and have been busy with a little of this and a little of that. I grabbed a scone from the General Store and a Starbucks latte from the Inn and went to Sea Glass Beach for a bit of breakfast, birdwatching, and sea glass foraging. I put photos on Instagram. 

I also spent some time in the basement today, tidying up a bit. I hung some art and whatnot on the walls down there! After a year of meaning to, I finally got it started. My diplomas are up on an “I love me” wall and I have started a gallery wall on the other wall. I will take photos once I finish. 

Ms. Emma is telling me she would like to go for her evening constitutional. I must go! 

Yours, Merryweather