Hello, dear blog readers! Apparently one can post too many photos in WordPress and thereby gobble up one’s free allotted space in the blogosphere. Which is what I have done. Drats! I used up nearly all my free blog space! In just under three years! 

My lovely blog turns three on this Saturday! But there is no more space to post photos at this point. So we are sans pictures until I can figure out how to expand my allotted space. I think it will involve getting my credit card out…in any case, well worth it! I love my blog! 

It is a shame I can’t post photos because I have some from yesterday’s Fourth of July golf cart parade. We had quite a bit of fun on the Fourth of July here at Diamond Cove! 

First, Mr. O’Leary and I visited with Elizabeth, front desk goddess from the Inn, and her beau, Jeff, at the Gate House in the early afternoon. Jeff is our tennis pro here at Diamond Cove. Elizabeth and Jeff are renting the Gate House for the summer! It is so great to have them here on the island! The Gate House is so utterly charming. Tres chic in a very French way! I love it!

After our visit, Mr. O’Leary and I went home to ready ourselves and the golf cart for the much anticipated parade. My golf cart, decorated with a heavy crocheted tablecloth, silk peony flowers, a string of battery operated light bulbs, and two American flags borrowed from Elizabeth, turned out to be a crowd favorite. One of the neighbors told me it looked like a Suffragette Float! I took that as a big compliment! Other folks said it looked like a wedding cart! Also, a compliment!

I wore the hat that Debbie from Maryland made me as a going away present last year. It is straw, with felted red strawberries, and an enormous “Maine Mosquito” on it! It was just the thing! Thanks Debbie!!! Mr. O’Leary rode shotgun with me for the festivities, while my neighbor, Jennifer, and her friend, Diana, perched themselves on the back seat of the cart and waved to the adoring crowds! 

The progressive style parade took us from the Diamond Cove gate, to the Sommers’ house where there was a zip line for the more daring among us, to the swimming pool where there were games set up on the parade ground, to the Art Gallery for a fun drinking game, to Derrick’s bunker house with a full bar and spectacular views, to the culmination at the barge landing for the viewing of the City of Portland’s fabulous fireworks display! There was food and beverage and merriment at each stop and along the way! 

It was a fun, well-organized affair! I met more of my neighbors, which was very nice. Mr. O’Leary took the tablecloth off the roof of the golf cart last night, but we left the other decorations on it. I love how the cart looks, all embellished!

Again, I apologize that I can’t post photos at this point. Fingers crossed I can figure out how to resolve this problem soon! Goodnight, dear readers!

Yours, Merryweather