Work, work, work. I worked Thursday. I worked Friday. I worked Saturday from 3 to 11pm. I worked Sunday from 7am to 3pm. 

I got exactly five hours of sleep last night between my two shifts at the front desk of the Inn. Today a guest asked me if I went home last night! I did; just not for long enough. I am dangerously close to lapsing into crabbiness for lack of sleep. I am working tomorrow from 10am to 6pm. 

Yesterday was an especially long day given the provisioning run to Portland in the morning. While I was ashore, I bought a garden table and some potted flowers from Allen Sterling & Lothrop in Falmouth, Maine. These got freighted back to the island:

The picture above is typical island scenery from the ferry. The morning fog burned off leaving us with a beautiful day. 

Timothy O’Leary is here on the island. He just ran to the General Store to get a pizza for dinner. Too tired to cook tonight! It is great (i. e. convenient) to have the store here for times such as these. 

The island holiday festivities start Tuesday afternoon, including a golf cart parade. I hope to sleep in a bit on the fourth though! I will take lots of photos to post here. I hope you have some fun 4th of July plans brewing too!

Yours, Merryweather