Here is the vintage, turquoise staple gun I found for $5 with Jane on Saturday morning at the flea market in Callaway, Maryland:

I have misplaced my staple gun. This one was built to last and came with four little boxes of staples, in different sizes. Pretty, isn’t she?

Speaking of pretty, Jane gave me this lovely pearl bracelet! I wore it to Mandy’s wedding in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland on Saturday:

The bracelet looked great with my dress. Thank you, Jane! I love pearls!

Speaking of pearls, I bought this necklace ($10) and bracelet ($5) at Apple Basket Antiques in Mechanicsville, Maryland on Monday:

Jane and I stopped at Apple Basket Antiques so she could buy some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on our way to College Park, Maryland to visit IKEA. 

Speaking of IKEA, I bought this little clock for $0.99 there:

I forgot to buy batteries though. Next time I go ashore. I bought the little clock for the bathroom, so I can keep an eye on time in the loo. It is important to keep an eye on the time in the loo. 

I still have to break out the new IKEA slipcovers and wrestle them onto the living room furniture. That will be a project. Then I am going to wash the existing set, dousing them in OxiClean first. I will take before and after photos for you all. 

I worked yesterday. I am working through Monday, but I have the Fourth of July off! This is good news because there are quite a lot of activities on the island, including a golf cart parade, to celebrate the holiday! You know me: I am all about a parade! The celebration is a progressive sort of affair, with five different stops for fun and games en route to the City of Portland firework viewing at dusk. It sounds like a good time! 

That is all I have for now! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Yours, Merryweather