Emma and I are back on the island! Here she is on the 315 ferry:

I am unpacking and trying to integrate all my new acquisitions from my trip to Southern Maryland this past week into the homestead here on the island. Whenever I go ashore I always come back with more cosmic debris! I am a magnet for stuff! 

Speaking of magnets, my dad spray painted some more letters and even some numbers for the fridge! I found them at Joyful Things in Uxbridge, Massachusetts a couple weeks ago for $4. I am too tired tonight to try to make sense on the fridge. Here is some gibberish for you!

I have been trying for the last hour to upload photos of all the loot I accumulated during my recent travels. 

No joy! 

*shakes fist in air* 
I will try again tomorrow! Meanwhile, I have some more unpacking and some laundry to do! Some of this, some of that. 

Until tomorrow, dear readers!

Yours, Merryweather