Hello dear readers! Today is the last day of my visit to Southern Maryland. Time flew by! Darling daughter and I are staying with Jane in her beautiful house on the Potomac. This morning we all lounged around home. This afternoon Jane and I went to IKEA in College Park, Maryland! Darling daughter stayed behind to work on a special project. 

This was my first visit ever to IKEA! Jane had a return to make. I wanted to buy new slipcovers for my sofa and loveseat. Mission accomplished! Jane is a professional IKEA shopper. She showed me the ropes. 

First, we covered the showrooms on the second floor. We browsed through seemingly endless living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. I thought I had a small kitchen at home until I saw this:

Now that is a small kitchen!

After touring the showrooms, we headed downstairs to the marketplace. That is where the shopping began in earnest. My objective was slipcovers for my furniture at home. Here is the loveseat:

$19.00 for a slipcover!?! Sign me up! The slipcover for the matching sofa cost me just $29.00. So for a Ulysses S. Grant, I got a set of fresh slipcovers for the living room! My plan is to take the other set, which are a grungy off white, off the furniture, scrub them down with Oxyclean, and launder them. 

I also bought this tray for $8.99:

I bought some other little whatnots and thingabobs, but it is late and they are in the car. I will take photos once I get back to Maine on Wednesday. I can’t wait to get these new slipcovers on the furniture!

Jane and I checked out with our purchases:

We loaded the car up (Jane even bought an Ektorp chair!) and then went back inside to have dinner! Jane had stuffed chicken breast; I had Swedish meatballs:

Driving home, we had another TJ Maxx attack in Prince Frederick. Difficult to believe, I know. I bought four little jars of caviar for $3.29 each! In all my years shopping at TJ Maxx, I have never seen caviar on the shelf before! So I had to buy it all. All four jars. I am going to save it for when Jane and her sister, Carol, visit me in Maine next month. We will have cocktails and caviar one evening. 

I am leaving Maryland in the morning, headed to my parents’ house in Massachusetts tomorrow. Darling daughter is going to spend the next couple days here with Jane. They are working on a special project together, which hopefully will be the subject of a future blog post. On Wednesday I will drive to my brother’s, return my rental car, and pick up Emma, my fur baby, before going back to the island. 

I have had the most wonderful time in Maryland with Jane and darling daughter! Mandy’s wedding was beautiful. It was great seeing Barbara, Charlene, and Debbie at lunch the other day.  I even got to visit with Jane’s very busy sister, Carol. The weather has been perfect and the shopping opportunities, divine. Seriously, three TJ Maxx attacks and my maiden voyage to IKEA! This has been an epic trip!

Yours, Merryweather