Wow! I had a busy day today! Jane and I were out and about at ten this morning. I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but we went pillaging this morning! We started at a small flea market in Calloway. I bought a new “Sushi Roll” necklace and a vintage staple gun which happens to be turquoise. I will take pictures to post tomorrow, I promise. 

Then we went to St. Andrew’s Church Thrift Store. I found an awesome vintage side table for Jane’s living room! For $15!!! It was just what she was looking for. Again, pictures tomorrow. 

Then we went to Vintage Values in Leonardtown. Jane found a few items. I got nada. As in nothing. Zip. 

Then we found a fabulous yard sale. I bought a bunch of stuff for $9.50. I will break out the stuff for photos tomorrow. 

Then we went back to Jane’s. Her friend, Bobby, was there. Jane made us chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Right after lunch it was time for me to get ready for Mandy’s wedding! 

Then I went to Mandy’s wedding at 430 at Chesapeake Bay Resort & Spa! It was a beautiful day. Absolutely gorgeous. It was the best day ever!

We weren’t supposed to take photos during the ceremony. They had a professional photographer, of course. Here is where the ceremony took place:

We met Mandy in 1997 at preschool, when she was a precious and precocious three years old. She and darling daughter became fast friends. Twenty years have gone by.  Here are Mandy and her friends, including darling daughter in the way back:

I have known most of these young women since they were little girls in dance class together! They have grown into beautiful, accomplished women. Mandy is the first of her peers to tie the knot. Here they are again:

My darling daughter, looking like a Greek goddess:

Mandy married Zak. They are absolutely adorable together! They wrote vows for each other and cried when reciting them. Which made me cry. Then we got to the reception, they were dancing, playing around, and laughing. Which made me laugh. It was a beautiful wedding. 

Mandy and Zak leave on Monday morning for their honeymoon in Jamaica. I have invited them for a second honeymoon in Maine! They are going to try to come in August! I am so excited! They love to travel. I think they will really enjoy Portland and Diamond Cove. 

I am back at Jane’s house now. Tuckered out. Tomorrow promises to be a fun day, too, because Jane and I are having lunch with Barbara, Debbie, and Charlene, our buddies from the art group here in Maryland! We are having Mexican! I can’t wait to see them!

Goodnight for now!

Yours, Merryweather