Hello, dear readers! I made it safe and sound to my bestie’s house late yesterday afternoon! I was so happy to see Jane! It was a bit of a long drive; route 95 through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York to the George Washington Bridge took five hours as opposed to three and a half on a good day. My rental, a white Chevy Malibu, drove nicely. I set up the Bluetooth in the car so that I could chat on the phone safely. Remember: safety first!

Meanwhile, in Maine, Dan, Nancy, Emma, and Etta are doing fine! Here the girls are on the ferry on Wednesday night:

These are photos Nancy took yesterday, relaxing by the water:

Unfortunately, it is raining this morning and rain is also predicted for tomorrow. Mandy’s wedding is a beach wedding on the Chesapeake Bay. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that the rain stays away from tomorrow’s soirée. 

I am headed to D.C. this afternoon to pick up darling daughter and bring her to the rehearsal dinner tonight. I am looking forward to seeing her! It will be exciting to see darling daughter as a bridesmaid! I miss her quite a lot. This trip will be a temporary remedy. 

For now, kind readers, I bid you goodbye. I will write soon!

Yours, Merryweather