Hello peeps! I am here in Maryland visiting with my best friend, Jane, prepping for a wedding tomorrow for one of darling daughter’s best friends! Today was about a bit of pampering and some more driving. I am actually considering that my next career might be as an over the road trucker, given the amount of driving I do when I am off island. 

First, the pampering. I had a manicure and a pedicure today in my old home town, Solomons! I can’t remember the last time I had either. My toenails looked like talons! My cuticles were a mess! Is that oversharing? 

It was so relaxing having my feet soaked and scrubbed and massaged. I love a good pedicure. Then my fingernails got the treatment, too. Both cost just $37, which seems low, given I was in the salon for over an hour and a half! I was a generous tipper because of the time and attention lavished on my appendages. I went with a neutral light colored cafe au lait polish. Here are my toes, attached to my unattractive, yet pampered, feet:

Jane had an appointment so she missed out on the pampering this morning. But we did meet up for lunch. Then we headed to Washington D. C. to retrieve darling daughter! More driving!

As soon as we picked up the lovely, young woman, we immediately headed from D. C. to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland to drop her off for the rehearsal dinner for Mandy’s wedding tomorrow. Because of construction and a related traffic tie-up near the resort where we were headed, darling daughter was about to be late. So while we were stuck in traffic, she jumped out of the car, grabbed her suitcase, and walked the rest of the way to the hotel!

Jane and I then headed back towards her house. Of course, passing through Prince Frederick, we had a TJ Maxx attack! And, truth be told, I stopped there yesterday on my way to Jane’s, too! I bought some candles, some bags of seashells (for my golf cart project!), a bottle of nail polish, and a straw hat with flowers to wear to the wedding tomorrow!

After our TJ Maxx shopping, we stopped at a farm stand for some fresh vegetables to have with dinner. Tomatoes, summer squash, and corn in the cob! All deliciously prepared by Jane! 

Now we are watching a movie. And I am blogging. There has been discussion of going out in the morning to yard sale! I will keep you posted. The wedding is at 430 in the afternoon. Obviously, I am trying to squeeze quite a lot into my visit!

On Sunday, I would like to get together with my Southern Maryland friends for lunch. What say you, Barbara? Charlene? Deb? Lunch on Sunday at the same restaurant where we had my going away last year???

Yours, Merryweather