Whew! I have arrived safely at my parents’ house in Massachusetts with my rental car. I am pooped! Emma, my fur baby, got dropped off with my brother, Dan in Braintree, south of Boston, earlier today. Here she is in the backseat of his truck with her sister dog, Etta:

Dan and his girlfriend, Nancy, left to go to my place in Maine a little while ago. So basically, Emma got driven from Maine to Massachusetts this morning, only to be driven back to Maine this afternoon! Emma was so excited to see Dan! She hardly noticed me when I left (sob!). 

We just had dinner (thanks, Mom!), a delicious shepard’s pie! Now it is time to rest up before tomorrow’s journey! My mom and dad are going to Maine on Saturday to spend the weekend with Dan, Nancy and the dogs on the island. I do believe there will be some card games played! 

So lots of excitement all the way around!

Yours, Merryweather