Hello, dear readers! Today is a gorgeous day here on the island; sunny, warm, breezy! And I am scurrying around like a crazed mouse in a cheese shop getting ready for my trip to Maryland this week! It really snuck up on me. Well, ok, I’ve done my fair share of procrastinating, too!

I am working at the Inn again tonight from three to eleven. I meet the most fabulous people there! I can’t believe they pay me to meet and greet the guests! It is so much fun! I get so excited, telling stories and answering questions about the island. Like for instance, why is the gate between Diamond Cove and Great Diamond Island locked? I tell the guests, “There was drama”.  And there was Island drama. But rather than to get into it, I just keep it light and fun. 

I should be packing, but I’d much rather blog! My fur baby, Emma, and I are headed out on the 825 ferry in the morning. Then we will travel to Braintree, MA where I will pass Emma off to my brother and pick up a rental car. Poor Mary Passat is on borrowed time with a questionable transmission. I had better not tempt the automotive gods by driving her to MD. In February, during my last visit south of the Mason Dixon line, things went awry with Mary Passat. I certainly don’t want that to happen again. 

My plan is to spend tomorrow night with my parents in MA, so that I will be poised to depart for MD fairly early on Thursday. I am going to Jane’s! I can’t wait to see her! Then on Friday, I will be rendezvousing with darling daughter in DC! I can’t wait to see her! Mandy’s wedding is Saturday! I can’t wait to see her! 

The rest of the visit is largely unscheduled, but I am quite certain there will be shopping opportunities! There will be all my favorite shops in MD to visit and pillage, as appropriate. Having lived in MD for twenty years, it is great fun to go back to revisit my favorite places. I am also interested in seeing what our former cottage now looks like. It was undergoing a major renovation the last time we visited. 

As I am blogging, Emma is having an afternoon nap in her crate. She is snoring. Here she is earlier, when her eyes were open:

I laundered her pet bed. It gets really fluffy when I do. She will have to work it down by laying on it. 

While I am away, my brother and Nancy and the dogs will be staying at my place on the island. There is a rumor my parents might even visit on Saturday! Everyone loves it here on the island. It is beautiful!

Alright. Must. Get. Going…

Chat later, dear readers!

Yours, Merryweather