Hello, my lovelies! Happy Thursday! I headed off the island this morning on the 825 ferry. Here is the view of the dock at Diamond Cove from my golf cart parking spot, flag fluttering in the breeze:

I went to Brunswick today, about a half hour north of Portland. Emma, my fur baby, stayed home. Once the ferry docked in Portland, I walked the six blocks uphill to the parking lot where I stash my car, Mary Passat. It was a beautiful day. 

My first stop was Salvation Army. As always, I browsed extensively. My thoroughness paid off. I bought this new with tags Charter Club blouse in my extra lovely size, marked $79.50 for $5:

I heart hearts so I also purchased these new with tags pj bottoms, originally retailing for $40 for just $1:

Finally, I spied this sign:

This slogan speaks to me. Adulting can be hard! Kids – don’t grow up; it’s a trap! The sign cost $1. I am going to hang it in my art studio in the basement.

My next stop was Hatch on Maine, of course! Lucky me! Both Hannah and Dustan were in the shop today! These two ladies do the most amazing job with their shop! I love catching up with them! There is always something that I absolutely must have in the shop. Hard to believe, I know. 

First, though, I have to set the stage. We had a few super hot days here in Maine recently. I got out all my vintage fans and set them up around the house to cool things off. In one corner of the dining room I have this set up:

Vintage oscillating fan on rickety, painted, vintage fern table with a large seashell. Makes perfect sense and really moves the air around. I also have vintage fans in the bedrooms. I had an extra fan though, with no obvious place to put it. 

So as I was chatting with Hannah and Dustan, I looked down and saw it! An exact replica of the fern table from my dining room! Except with grey paint as opposed to white! I had to have it! For $32, it was mine! Here it is, fully assembled with vintage, oscillating fan and large seashell in the other corner in the dining room:

I love symmetry! It is uncanny how alike the two tables are! They were definitely meant to be together. Thanks, Hannah! Thanks, Dustan! I am your biggest FAN! See what I did there?

In any case, I managed a trip to Trader Joe’s in Portland for more provisions before dropping my purchases off at Casco Bay Lines to be freighted to the island in time for the 245pm ferry. Whew! It was a bit of a dash. 

I made a quick stop in Anthropologie on Pearl Street after parking my car on the walk back to catch the ferry. I just love it in there. I found a book to buy for $8:

I read the book on the ferry ride. Quick read. All I can say is: “Amen!” Good book, worth reading. 

When I got home, Emma was happy to see me! I was happy to see her! I gave her some carrots to snack on. She loves carrots! 

Then I saw my delivery from ThredUp had arrived today! Oh joy! Here is what I had ordered recently:

I needed a crossbody style black purse to go with my wardrobe which is primarily black and grey. The crossbody purse I have now is also Fossil, but it is brown. I don’t need everything to match all the time. However, as much as I love my current brown Fossil crossbody purse, it is harshing my vibe a bit. I bought the boots because I am always on the lookout for black wedges. Shoes, sandals, or boots. And, Nine West! I adore Nine West footware! I love everything I got from ThredUp! 

Well, my dears, it is time to run for now. Figuratively speaking, of course. I can only literally run if there is a big brown bear standing behind me. Then I will haul ass outta there!!! 

Yours, Merryweather