Hello, dear readers! Well, today I have nothing as simultaneously dramatic and hysterical as compared to yesterday’s happenings to report on! Nearly getting run over by a beer truck and breaking the screen on my iPhone is going to be hard to beat. 

I was scheduled to work today at the Inn. As it was slow and the front desk was in Priscilla’s very capable hands, I got to come home! I grabbed a Starbucks caramel macchiato to go, hopped back in my golf cart, and headed home to my fur baby, Emma. 

When I say fur baby, I do mean, FUR baby. I have brushed Emma, my lovely yellow Labrador, twice already today. She is shedding like an overheated Yeti in August in South Florida. We are gonna need a bigger vacuum. 

Yesterday I did have time in the afternoon to pop into the Goodwill in Falmouth when I went to the bank. I found a new sun hat and a canvas bag. Hat $8 and bag $1. Check out the hedgehog on the bag!

Who doesn’t love a hedgehog? I also found a large bag of seashells for $3 at Goodwill. We will use these to glue onto my golf cart when we begin my epic seashell art project next month. I am sorting the shells. Because I love to sort things!

God Bless, it took quiet awhile to upload these two photos! I need a new Internet Service Provider!!! Stat!

It is the middle of June. I am just now putting my winter clothes away for the season. I would take photos to show you, but it would take forever to get them uploaded. I left some long sleeve tops, sweatshirts, and light sweaters in the closet, for the chillier days and for nighttime ferry rides when it can be cold. Tomorrow is only supposed to be in the sixties. 

For today, that’s a wrap!

Yours, Merryweather