Good morning, my lovelies! It is a gorgeous morning on the island! Yesterday we got fresh mulch put down on the grounds around our building. It smells like a pine forest out there! It looks nice, too. 

I worked the 3-11pm shift at the Inn yesterday. It was exciting because I made some room reservations; something I need practice doing! I must say we have the nicest guests at the Inn! I love to introduce the guests to all we have on the island in terms of amenities and points of interest! One family came in yesterday and were absolutely thrilled with everything I told them about the island amenities. Absolutely thrilled! It is so much fun sharing my enthusiasm for the island with these likewise enthusiastic visitors! Here are front desk flowers from the Inn:

I have another Pinterest milestone: 24,000 pins! Actually, 24,001. Whew! Pinning can be exhausting! I also have 428 wonderful followers!

I joined Pinterest in February, 2016. I pin quite a lot during the winter, when Emma, my yellow Labrador fur baby, and I are hibernating together. Now with my job and the nice weather, I have less time to pin. Pinterest scratches my itch for pretty things. I collect photos of pretty things like a magpie collects shiny objects. 

I am planning a provisioning run today on the 855 ferry from Great Diamond Island. Mark, our resident assistant, will be picking me up in the shuttle bus about 845. I could take the same boat from Diamond Cove at 825, but the boat goes to Long Island before heading back to GDI, making it a long trip. A nice trip, but a long one. When I pick it up at GDI, there is just the Little Diamond Island stop, then straight on to Portland. 

We all know that a provisions run is an excuse for me to go thrifting while I am out and about on the mainland! Let’s see if I have any good finds today!

Yours, Merryweather