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Dear readers! Happy Monday! We are having a heat wave here at Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island, Maine! In the nineties yesterday and today! We have had a strange spring; mostly cold and rainy with an occasional nice warm day every now and again. But, now we may have slipped into full on summer!

I worked the front desk, with Elizabeth, front desk goddess, yesterday. It was smooth sailing. At lunchtime, I came home to visit with my fur baby, Emma. I also grabbed some chocolate bars from my stash to share with my colleagues. 

You see, the Inn offers chocolate covered strawberries as a guest amenity (for a fee). We had an order for some yesterday. I was telling Ross, who works the front desk and also food and beverage, about the time I was traveling in California and stopped in a corner bodega for an afternoon pick me up.  The store had these enormous strawberries coated in peanut butter and then dipped in chocolate!!! Nirvana. 

This story made me think of the Trader Joe’s PB&J Chocolate bars I discovered recently! Yes! Chocolate bars filled with peanut butter and raspberry jelly! Yum! This is what the chocolate bars look like:

So when I got back to work, we broke out the chocolate bars. Everyone, including Elizabeth, loved the chocolate. Ross commented, with all seriousness, “Life changing”. He cracks me up. Nate, one of our valets, told me he enjoyed the smooth, creamy filling inside the chocolate. The consensus was “Delicious”. 

I thought I would mention these amazingly delicious Trader Joe’s PB&J Chocolate bars to you, too! Give them a try! If you are feeling especially ambitious, whip up some peanut butter dipped, chocolate covered strawberries and see if they don’t hit the spot!

Wishing you all my best!

Yours, Merryweather