Hello, my dears! Happy Saturday evening! Emma, my lovely English Labrador sidekick, and I returned from my parents’ house in Massachusetts to Diamond Cove this morning. We had a nice time with my family; my brother and Etta, his lovely English Labrador sidekick, even came for a visit to my parents’ yesterday! Such fun!

I packed the car yesterday evening so we would be ready to go early this morning. O’dark thirty early. I wanted to beat the vacationers on the highway this morning. Nothing worse than being stuck in morning beach traffic.

I did make a quick trip to Bernats Antiques in Uxbridge yesterday afternoon so I had something extra to pack. For $8, I found a lamp from an old industrial sewing machine. It needs to be rewired. I will also have to track down some bulbs for this bad boy. But, I had to have it! I bought it from Bob, of BC Antiques. Jane and I met Bob at Brimfield Flea Market last month. Here is the lamp:

Emma and I came back on the 1000 am ferry this morning with about one million other people! It was crowded. Summer is here. I met Jerry, a friendly older chap from Long Island, and his beagle, Louie. We had a nice chat about island living. 

When we pulled into Diamond Cove, there was a bit of a ferry mishap. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But someone’s new dishwasher (a machine; not a person) will never be the same again. After we pulled up to the dock, somehow said dishwasher fell from the upper deck straight into the water! I don’t have any photos, regrettably. The folks on the dock were like “Never seen that happen before…”. 

After all the excitement, Emma and I got back to the house and proceeded to nap! 

Timothy O’Leary came to visit in the 245 ferry. For dinner tonight, we went to the General Store for sammies. We had today’s special, which was braised, slow cooked, pulled pork with carmelized onions, Cabot cheddar and coke slaw on a brioche bun: 

Deliciousness! My compliments to Angela and Rocky for a tasty dinner. Everything I have had from the General Store has been very good. Emma came for the walk to the store with us. She soaked up some loving by other customers; one young woman petted her for twenty minutes! 

Just as we got back home, Fred pulled up in his golf cart. Fred is getting ready to move to the mainland this summer and is currently lightening his load. He is purging. God Bless him; he keeps bringing me things! Tonight he brought a beautiful porcelain jar. It is so pretty! With Fred offloading household items, it is like the flea market is coming to me! Here is the jar:

I am working at the Inn tomorrow morning with Elizabeth, front desk goddess. We expect a busy day and it is supposed to be ninety degrees out! I am excited to go over Fred’s after work; he has more loot for me! 

Stay tuned! 

Yours, Merryweather