Hello, again, my lovelies. 

So. Earlier today, I posted about my hometown thrift haul! My mom and I visited our local Salvation Army store this afternoon. There, among other items, I found two knit tops. I thrifted this grey striped one:

And I also purchased the identical top in solid black (so slimming!). I paid $4 each. You can see on the tag, the designer is Mary McFadden. 

Well. Tonight I was browsing around on ThredUp, the online clothing thrift extravaganza. I can’t believe it, but I actually found the same Mary McFadden knit top, in electric blue for sale for $32.99. Here it is:

Here is the thing: Check out that MSRP!!! $200!!! Yikes!!!

I would have to be fabulously wealthy (which I am not!) to be able to spend $200 on a knit top. I can’t even imagine a universe where I would spend $200 on a knit top. I lack the sort of imagination to be able to envision spending $200 on a knit top. $200 for a knit top?!? Really?!?

No disrespect to Ms. McFadden. I know designers are talented people and deserve to be compensated for their talent. However, it is times like this that I really enjoy participating in the secondhand economy. Seriously. I am going to thoroughly enjoy wearing my two $200 Mary McFadden knit tops, proudly knowing I paid a mere $4 for each!!! I paid just 2% of MSRP for these knit tops!!! 98% savings! Ka-Ching!

Don’t you just love a bargain?

Yours, Merryweather