Dear readers. This is my 500th blog post here on Merryweather Smith! I started blogging almost three years ago, in July 2014, for something creative and non-messy to do while we attempted to sell our home. As the story goes, the hovel in Maryland sold this time last year and now we have relocated ourselves to Diamond Cove on Great Diamond Island in Casco Bay, off of Portland, Maine. Smartest thing I have ever done. 

I wish I had exciting subject matter for my 500th post. I do not. So sorry.  I do have a photo of darling daughter’s phone:

Darling daughter and I did all our errands, banking, and grocery shopping this morning. We had lunch at Andy’s Pub in the Old Port and coffee at Arabica on Commercial. The plan is to take the 245 ferry back to the island. Emma, our lovely English Labrador, will be anxious for our return. 

I am working the rest of the week at the Inn. Darling daughter returns to DC on Thursday. My family will arrive on the island on Friday. Mom, Dad, my brother, Dan, and his dog, Etta, will be joining me for the holiday weekend. I am certain it will be a good time. Our first reunion in Maine since late October. More poker games!

That is all I’ve got, dear readers, for the day. Thank you for taking the time to follow along with me!

Yours, Merryweather