Dear readers, I have missed you these last several days. I have been busy training to be the most fantastic front desk clerk! My head is swimming with details. I hope I am up for the task! Elizabeth and Priscilla have been graciously training me. Both lovely ladies. 

I saw Fred yesterday. We got caught up with each other. He is moving from the island! I am going to miss my island cribbage partner. He is moving to the mainland and won’t be far thankfully. I filled Fred in on what it is like to be an up-and-coming front desk clerk. Fred brought me some lilacs:

Yesterday, a new high temperature record was set in Portland. 93!!! Needless to say, everything is popping open with the heat, including the lilacs and all sorts of flowering trees. This is a mystery type cherry tree on the patio:

Some exciting household news; the windows were professionally washed yesterday for what may have been the first time ever! This was a job best left to the pros. It was a complicated job, involving ladders, squeegees, storm windows, and screens…oh, my. The change from dark and dingy to clean, clear, and sparkly is remarkable. I snapped this photo early this morning:

This is all the news for now.  Talk to you soon! 

Yours, Merryweather