Whew! Jane and I have completed our two-day shopping spree at Brimfield Flea Market! I am pooped. My dogs are barking. But I have some photos to share with you all. First, Jane and I were up with the roosters. Not really. We got to the flea at 900 am. This is a really big rooster:

There were more Brimfield mannequins to be found today, bald and unclothed, nice abs (this is for you, Barbara!):

Some Brimfield vendors camp on-site. Vintage Airstream:

A sign that made me think of Fred showing Jane and I his secret fishing hole at Diamond Cove the other day:

I wanted to join this fella for a quick snoozer:

This is Randy, the French Fry Guy! He has a restaurant in Florida that my parents frequent. I passed along their greetings to Randy. He also sells delicious fries at Brimfield. Jane and I shared a large fry. 

This is Randy and his French Fry helper:

A large poster of Robert Kennedy. Darling daughter is a huge Robert Kennedy fan.

We saw quite a few pairs of snowshoes at Brimfield. This is the biggest pair we found:

Then Jane and I found this service for twelve of gorgeous Noritake china, including serving pieces. For only $125. It. Killed. Me. To. Leave. These. Dishes. At. Brimfield. I really wanted them!!!

I saw something that made me think of darling daughter’s best friend, Jordan. He is studying architecture at Yale. 

Around three, Jane and I headed out. Of course, we made some purchases today at Brimfield, but you are going to have to wait until we get back to the island to see the goodies! Again, this is a cliffhanger!

There was quite a bit of traffic this afternoon. Jane and I needed a pick-me-up by the time we got to Sturbridge. We stopped at the Bake Shoppe at the Publick House for a treat and some much needed caffeine. After noshing, we visited Sadie Green’s Curiousity Shop, also on Sturbridge Common. 

My late gramma and I used to visit this gift shop on a fairly regular basis. I like to go back and channel for her. Lots of lovely things in there!

We have some plans in the works for tomorrow, before we head back to Portland. Stay tuned!

Yours, Merryweather 

PS. Emma is enjoying herself!