Hello dear readers! Jane and I departed the island this morning with my trusty companion, Emma (the English Lab) on the 7 am ferry to Portland. After a Starbucks stop, we headed south on Route 95 through Maine and New Hampshire to Massachusetts. In Waltham (outside of Boston) at another Starbucks, we met my brother, Dan, and his trusty companion, Etta (Emma’s sister-dog). Dan is hosting Emma for an extended play date with Etta at his place in Braintree, which we refer to as “Club Med for Dogs”. Emma is staying with Etta while Jane and I go shopping at Brimfield Flea Market!

So after saying goodbye to Emma, Jane and I hopped on the Mass Pike, headed west. We made it to Brimfield for the first day of the first show of the 2017 season about lunch time. The weather was cool and overcast; we dressed in layers. Several parking lots (located in fields) were at capacity. We had to park quite a way from the action. Nonetheless, we persisted. 

Jane, a Brimfield virgin, was game. We decided to work the show east of our parking lot today. The browsing began in earnest very quickly. While Jane had never been to Brimfield before, she is a highly experienced shopper! I made the first purchase though. For $20 (marked $25), I got a white painted wooden stool. 

Jane countered with some pretty pastel curtain tie backs to use as thumbtacks on her bulletin board for $2 each. Very cute. 

And so the browsing and the buying continued! In addition to the peer pressure, some vendors really put the heat on as seen below:

One sees some interesting things whilst perusing Brimfield. For instance:

A bit creepy, in my opinion. 

We spent about four hours covering just a small portion of the entire flea. I got a huge haul! Jane got a haul, too, but she was exercising more restraint than I. However, I am not going to show you my haul until we get back to the island on Thursday. I know, I know. You want to see it now! But you will just have to wait! This here is one of those cliffhangers! Stay tuned!

Did I mention we are going back in the morning for more Brimfield shopping?!?

Perhaps I will circle back for some things I saw today. For instance, I saw this gorgeous hand painted oak table and caned chairs. $545, pre-negotiations. 

It turns out I made the smartest buy ever at Brimfield today! My very first purchase of the day. The white painted wooden stool. It is just the right size to tuck under my arm to carry while shopping. And also perfect to park our butts on when our dogs began to bark. Such as in this instance:

Or on this occasion:

That is Jane, looking stunning, as usual. You can’t actually see the stool, but trust me, it is there!

So about 330 pm, we hauled ass outta Brimfield:

See what I did there? I crack myself up! See what I did again? In any case, Jane and I went to my parents’ house for a two night overnight stay! Thanks mom and dad for having us!

We ate fried seafood from Pirate’s Cove for dinner. My dad and I shared the seafood platter:

Basically a small suitcase filled with the fruit of the sea, served crispy fried. Delicious. Jane and my mom both had fried haddock. Also very tasty. 

Now it is time to close my eyes and dream of all the wonderful merchandise awaiting us at Brimfield in the morning! Good night, dear readers!

Yours, Merryweather