My dear friend, Jane, arrived at the Portland International Jetport yesterday at 1119! 

And we were off!!!

First stop: Maine Street in Brunswick, Maine! First things first; we noshed at Local Market. Artisanal chicken salad sandwiches on fresh homemade bread and a cup of cheddar broccoli soup did the trick for both of us. Delicious. 

Then the shopping began! In the same building as our dining spot, there is a beautiful boutique called Wyler’s. Best of all, the downstairs of said beautiful boutique is an outlet with merchandise up to 80% off! And then an additional 30% off the already marked down price! Ah! The Shopping Gods smiled down upon us!

So here is what I found:

This handmade mini-dress form was originally a display piece. She sits on a spinning base. I shall use her to display my collection of flower pins. She was $7 after the discount! Had to have her!

A groovy journal. Full price $16.95. I do love to journal. Here are what the pages look like:

Very clever and quick! What is not to love? Next up:

“Makers Gonna Make” temporary tattoos. These were $3.50 after discount. 

A ring and earring display pieces. $1.40 each. I like to display my jewels!

Finally, fancy schmancy rose water liquid soap. $11.20. I have a thing for rose water. 

For a first time visit, I give Wyler’s two thumbs up! From there we visited Nest and Hatch on Maine. I didn’t find anything at Nest, although Jane did! But it is a gift for someone, so mum is the word!

Hatch on Maine never disappoints! The lovely ladies who run the shop know what they are doing! Again, with the Shopping Gods, there was a $1 table set up outside the shop! I love merchandise for $1! 

I scored five solid brass hooks. For $5!


*not from the $1 table*

Wait for it…

A highly unusual find…

What could it be???

It is a spinning whirly majigger thingee! It was once a rooftop ventilator. Now it is garden art! You can’t tell in the photo, but this thing spins! It is absolutely mesmerizing!!! Once again, I had to have it. Just because. I might paint it, but I could watch this thing all day long! It set me back $85. Here is a closeup:

On the way out of Brunswick, we hit the Salvation Army. All I found was a vintage pie bird for $0.99. 

You put this blackbird on top of a vent cut into your pie crust and he blows of the steam! How cute!

Stay tuned for more news of Jane’s visit to Maine!

Yours, Merryweather