Hello, dear readers. Preparations are underway! My dear friend, Jane, will be here the day after tomorrow for a visit! So there is washing, scrubbing, laundering, and cleaning to be done. I have even taken it upon myself to scrub some of the more egregious spots on the white slipcovers with OxyClean. Such fun! 

Jeff, our gardener, even came by, as if on cue, with his trusty leaf blower to tidy up the patio area. God bless him. There were several small piles of autumn leaves lurking around. But, no more! Here is the newly cleaned patio, with my beloved Emma:

I moved my gas grill (lovely, thoughtful housewarming gift from my brother and Nancy) next to the building, like my neighbor’s grills. Not sure why he has several? The girls (grills) look like wallflowers, lined up and waiting to be asked to dance. Soon enough. 

Lots planned for when Jane is here. I promise to blog about it! Also, I have some big news (potentially). I don’t want to jinx myself, so my lip is zipped until I have something definite to report. As always, stay tuned please!

Yours, Merryweather