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Hello peeps! Happy Earth Day!

As long time readers are probably aware, I am a big time thrift store treasure hunter! Big time. Here is the deal: I strongly believe in shopping secondhand whenever and wherever possible. The benefits are twofold. 

First, shopping secondhand is better for the environment than buying new. Make everyday Earth Day! We live in a world bent on consumption. Here in USA, we seem particularly obsessed with always having the latest and greatest and more, more, more. One way to alleviate the constant overproduction of goods is to participate meaningfully in the secondhand economy. 

I don’t think most people have a problem with donating used goods to a thrift store. It seems like a smart thing to do. It passes used but useable items on to people who need them. It also keeps these used items out of landfills. You can even get tax credit for donations. Smart. 

However, in spite of some progress, there still seems to be a bit of a stigma with buying and using secondhand goods. Obviously, it is not appropriate to purchase some personal items secondhand. But clothes? Yes! Household items? Yes! Electronics? Yes! Books? Yes! Furniture? Yes! Yes! Yes! Put any stigma aside because shopping the secondhand economy is an environmentally responsible action we can all take. 

The second benefit is financial! Your wallet will thank you. I love being frugal. Because I have been thrifting successfully for so long paying retail makes no sense (or cents) to me. I love paying a fraction of retail when I shop. Love it! 

My wardrobe, my home furnishings, and my library are primarily thrifted. I live what I consider to be a very comfortable (even a bit extravagant) life, surrounded by lovely things, and I have money in the bank. By saving on secondhand clothes, books, and household items I have more funds for other expenses, like travel and education, and for saving. Yay me!

To demonstrate my point, let us review a recent purchase I made on ThredUp. It was a shoe extravaganza! If you are not familiar with ThredUp, it is the largest online secondhand retailer in the world. Sometimes I thrift locally, and sometimes I thrift online. Recently, I found some shoes (and a pair of pants!) on ThredUp that I had to have:

Most days I can even find a 10% off ThredUp coupon on the Internet! I had a coupon and saved $10.59 on this order, so the total was $95.35 for five pairs of shoes and a pair of pants. Shipping on orders over $79 is free!

The most expensive shoes I bought were the Adrienne Vittadini wedges. I love wedges! 

These bad boys originally retailed for $119.00! That is more than I paid for my entire order!  The other items I purchased were similarly discounted. Being frugal, I can’t imagine a scenario where I would pay $119.00 for a pair of shoes, but $29.99 is doable. Totally doable. 

This order arrived this morning! Yay! 

Shoe explosion! So three of the five pairs are brand new. From the left, the Zara sandals, Ann Taylor flats, and the Adrienne Vittadini wedges have not been previously worn. I am keeping these. The Tory Burch flip flops are a maybe. The Zara mules need to go back as they are too small (darn it!). ThredUp gives me fourteen (14) days to decide if I want to keep these items. Since I will opt for store credit for my return, I can even print out a free shipping label.

Clearly, I think the secondhand economy is the way to go. Environmentally and economically. Be green and be frugal. Happy Earth Day! Shop secondhand! 
Yours, Merryweather