Hello, again! So directly across the street from Liberty Tool in Liberty, Maine is Liberty Graphics, America’s Original Water-Based Ink T-Shirt Printer. Fabulous designs, all printed in Maine. 

I found and purchased t-shirts for loved ones. On the left, for darling daughter’s best friend, Jordan, a Frank Lloyd Wright t-shirt and, on the right, for my dad, a t-shirt with a bat (flying mammal):

Jordan is studying architecture at Yale. So proud of him. Here is the backside of the t-shirt:

Long time readers might remember the story of Victor, the errant bat who flew into my parents’ house a couple summers ago. This t-shirt made me think of dear old Victor and my dad, who eventually was successful in removing Victor from the premises. 

From Liberty, Timothy O’Leary and I headed to Elmer’s Barn, Mecca of Cosmic Debris. In no particular order, here are my finds:

A small wooden cabinet. $15. Not old, but definitely a paintable piece with shabby chic allure. As you can see, it is missing a knob. I plan to replace the knobs with some Anthropolgie knobs. 

A tisket, a tasket, a handle with a basket. $8. I might have a basket problem. This was a somewhat unusual specimen. I will use it to corral something or other around here. 

A fancy jam jar, complete with spoon, for $5.50. This will dress up the table. 

Finally, a vintage Quaker lace tablecloth for $15. Again, this will dress up the table. 

I am still having a hard time uploading photos here in WordPress today. Argh. Technical difficulties.

Yours, Merryweather