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As promised, in last night’s beginners oil painting class, we painted a piece of fruit! We finished our main project, the oil painting of Scarborough Marsh, a week early. I would like to say painting a piece of fruit was a piece of cake, but I struggled with this little assignment. We painted an apple. Here is the photo:

Here is my result:

I put about ten pounds of paint on this tiny canvas. I was having a hard time keeping colors true; too much blending was going on and everything got to be a muddled mess! Yikes! Lesson learned. But, hey, I had fun!

Our instructor, the incomparable Susan Roux, of Roux and Cyr International Fine Art Gallery, framed my masterpiece for me last night. The frame makes the painting:

I did a wee bit of shopping in downtown Portland after coffee, but before heading to art class yesterday afternoon. The primary target was an adorable shop, Pinecone and Chickadee, located on Free Street, two blocks from Susan’s art gallery. 

Pinecone and Chickadee carries a wonderful assortment of merchandise, vintage-retro, handmade-handcrafted, and new! Books, letterpress, t-shirts, vintage typewriters and electronics, retro housewares, and all sorts of gift items. A definite must-see when in Portland.

I met one of the owners, Noah, yesterday. A lovely fellow who offered to deliver a beautiful sunburst mirror in the display window to the ferry for me when I admired it, but mentioned the logistical issues of getting it to the island. I exercised some self control and passed on the mirror. Here is what I simply had to have:

T-shirt from the clearance rack. $15. 

A notepad for darling daughter, my favorite list-maker. $18. 

An optimistic pin for darling daughter’s lapel. $6. 

A sticker for me. $4. 

Retro measuring spoons for the kitchen. $2. 

In the window, on my way out, I saw this sign:

Right on!!!

Yours, Merryweather