Today, on a sunny Spring-like day in the great state of Maine, Timothy O’Leary and I ventured south of Portland for a bit of thrifting and antiquing!  Emma, my English Labrador, stayed behind on the island for a bit of rest and relaxation. Meanwhile Timothy and I headed south on the Maine Turnpike to Kennebunk. We found the most amazing thrift store, Outta the Box Boutique, on Route One!

Outta the Box is a small thrift shop filled with great merchandise! There are men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, items for the home, books, jewelry, and even a bit of furniture. Here are my finds: 

A little bird’s nest with three tiny eggs, dogwood blossoms, and shamrocks! $3.99. I love nests and I will add this one to my collection! So Spring-like. 

A small heart shaped copper and glass hanging planter. Just $3. I will put this in a window and fill it with white geranium cuttings. 

A brand new with tags offwhite and grey striped knit top by Per Se. $10. Cute top for the upcoming (finally!) Spring weather. 

I also bought Timothy O’Leary two paperback books. I don’t have photos because he absconded with them before the photo shoot. All together, with tax, I spent $19.25 today. 

The great thing is Outta the Box Boutique benefits The New School, located just next door on York Street (Route One). The New School is a private, coeducational high school of just forty students which advertises an adventure in high school education. The school opened in 2000. 

The New School is the sister school of School Around Us, an independent K-8 school founded in Arundel, Maine in 1970. The school’s philosophy mirrored that of the American educator, John Dewey, who inspired the progressive schools of the 1930s and 1940s. 

These progressive schools advocated by Dewey were holistic institutions, tending to the mind, body, and spirit of young people. The objective of education was to give students the tools to be active, informed members of a democracy. This objective was in opposition to the prevailing idea that students be educated to enter the workforce and contribute to the capitalistic economic system. 

Personally, given our current state of political affairs, this holistic approach seems like it might be a better approach in producing good citizens. My feelings are that not enough people are truly informed and self-actualized these days. Call me a snowflake. It does not bother me. In the least. 

Meanwhile, back to the boutique, Timothy and I met two charming volunteers, Nancy and Carolyn, at the shop. Here is Carolyn behind the register:

These ladies are lovely; they made us feel most welcome and we even traded tips and pointers for good thrifting in the area. I feel great that my purchases today will benefit The New School and their mission. I plan to donate here in the future! 

Timothy O’Leary then took me to the ocean at Camp Ellis, Maine, where his grandmother had a cottage for years. I had never been to Camp Ellis, south of Old Orchard Beach, before today. It was a nice day for a Sunday drive!

I needed to get back for the 545 ferry to the island. I also needed caffeine. Timothy and I stopped at Arabica Coffee on Commercial Street in Portland for a fix. They have a Milky Way Latte which is essentially a candy bar in a cup! Yum!

Now I am home. The Masters (yawn) just finished. I am waiting for 60 Minutes. Emma is in her crate, snoring. Timothy is on his way home, too. We had a good time, exploring today. If you happen to be in Southern Maine, I highly recommend Outta the Box Boutique as a thrifting visit! Two thumbs up!!!

Yours, Merryweather