Recently, I found the most awesome aluminum suitcase when I was out and about trolling antique stores. This suitcase is the bomb! It is so sexy!

I found this beauty at Nobleboro Antique Exchange on the midcoast of Maine. $30 and she was mine! Bahaha! Previously, I had seen suitcases like this one on Etsy for $100 and up. I have a gift for ferreting out a good deal!

I plan to put her to good use when I travel; she is super light, sturdy, and has just the right amount of patina. As you can see, the interior is in relatively good shape. Alternatively, I may use her to store art supplies here at the homefront. The art supplies are getting a bit out of hand. That way I can be better organized.  In any case, I am glad to have found this lovely piece to add to my extensive collection of vintage whatnot. 

Yours, Merryweather