Hello, dear readers! Much like last Tuesday, it is cold, dark, and raining outside tonight. Absolutely miserable. The one bright spot of the day is that I had oil painting class tonight! We have nearly finalized our painting of Scarborough Marsh. Here she is:

This would be my amateur version of an oil painting. Not bad for a beginner. Here is our instructor’s, Susan’s painting: 

I have to remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Susan has been painting eons longer than I have! She is a trained professional!

Here is the photograph we are working off of:

We took some artistic license and painted wildflowers as we saw fit. Fun!

Today, on a larger canvas, I started the same painting using acrylic paints. It seemed like something a real artist would do. Here my paintings are together:

I think I like the oils better than the acrylic paints! I am spoiled now!

My plan is to take an intermediate oil painting class with Susan sometime this summer after I have had some time to practice on my own. Practice makes perfect! 

Yours, Merryweather