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Happy Spring! At least that is what the calendar says…

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to visit Elmer’s Barn in Cooper’s Mill, Maine again! You may remember my previous visits to this wonderland of cosmic debris. I never come away empty-handed. Elmer’s did not disappoint!

In no particular order, here is Saturday’s haul:

Large matelasse bedspread. $10. I have a quilt problem. I mean, collection. 

Glass container of seashells. $8. I also have a collection of jars filled with seashells. If you have been following my blog, you know of my long held ambition to cover my golf cart with seashells this springtime. As such, whenever I find a container of shells in my travels, I snatch it up licketey split!

A beginner’s knitting book. $1. Knitting needles $0.50. I hope to learn to knit. It is on my bucket list. 

A large wire bin. $8. To organize something or other around here. 

A small wooden caddy. $2. I plan to paint and mosaic this bad boy. Stay tuned. 

Vintage shoe clips. $1. Just because. 

Round wicker basket. $1. I love a pretty basket! They always come in handy for something or other. 

Wooden toast tongs. $1. No more burned fingers. 

Floral frogs. Small $1. Large $2. 

Light blue creamer. $1. White dish. $1. I have art plans for these two pieces. Stay tuned. 

A quick stop at Nobleboro Antique Exchange yielded a light blue watering can to water my newly acquired white geraniums. $30.  

Finally, at the Salvation Army in Rockport, Timothy O’Leary bought me a beautiful chair!

Great style. Sturdy. Just $5. I plan to paint this chair and recover the seat with some fabric from my stash. I will post after pictures as soon as it is complete!

That, my friends, is a wrap!

Yours, Merryweather