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This site has been experiencing technical difficulties because our Internet provider “upgraded” transmission equipment earlier this week. On Monday, RedZone, or more accurately, DeadZone, switched out the equipment on top of the water tower on the island. What they failed to do was to ensure it was working correctly.  It was not. In fact, it still is not. 

I have tried to explain to DeadZone, with no success, what it is like to be trapped on an island with no Internet. They just don’t get it. It is amateur hour for DeadZone. They can’t even say when they will fix it. I know one island family has already switched Internet providers. DeadZone might be looking at a mass mutiny from islanders.  

Emma and I spent Wednesday on the island after the snowstorm on Tuesday. Just chilling. Tuesday night, the oil painting class was cancelled because of the storm. On Thursday and Friday, Emma and I went to the new art group I joined in Portland. Here is Emma, doing her art, which is basically just sitting there looking pretty:

I would really like to learn to paint so that I can paint Emma’s portrait.  Because she is so damn pretty!

I have a whole bunch of art projects underway, but none complete so there are no photos to share at this point. Truthfully, I am more a crafter than an artist. My projects are more artsy-crafty than fine-arty. But, hey, we all have to start somewhere. 

I have a million art ideas! Probably from all the time I have spent on Pinterest over the last year. I even woke up last night in the middle of the night dreaming about a good art idea! In the dark, I made a note on my phone so I would remember it. 

For several of my art ideas, I need some supplies and, not necessarily strictly art supplies in the traditional sense. For instance, I am looking for more items to mosaic. And I need some teacups for another idea I have. I think there may be a visit to Elmer’s Barn this weekend! 

Yours, Merryweather