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My big day! Fifty! Woot woot!





Back in August, I met someone! At a coffee shop! We struck up a scintillating conversation. One thing led to the next and we celebrated our six month anniversary last week (not that either one of us noticed!) of being together! He and I are low key like that. 

Today he and darling daughter and I went into Portland to paint the town red for my birthday! On the coldest day of the year. So when I say “paint the town red”, I mean “freeze our $&@%ing asses off!” 

Darling daughter ordered us an Uber from the ferry. I did not raise a dummy. It was damn cold and windy out! It was my first Uber ride! I usually take taxis around town. Of course, I announced it was my birthday to the Uber driver. In fact, I told everyone I crossed paths with it was my birthday. Everyone. 

When we got to Nosh, I thanked the driver for the ride, told him it was my first Uber ride, and told him “You never forget your first.” Bada Bing, Bada Boom. I am here all week, folks…

Nosh, my favorite eating and drinking establishment in Portland, was busy even at 130 in the afternoon. We had a short wait for a table. I made friends with everyone else waiting for a table, letting them all know it was my birthday today! Everyone was so kind to me. 
For lunch I had a margarita, on the rocks with salt, the Nosh Burger, and French fries (cooked in duck fat!) with horseradish sauce.  For dessert, the S’mores Burger:

That is Nutella in there. OMG. Food nirvana. Darling daughter split just before dessert to catch the 245 ferry. I am sorry she missed the S’mores Burger. She is still working on the Philosophy of Law paper due on Monday. Darling daughter took an Uber back to the ferry. 

Nosh is on Congress Street, a fair walking distance from Casco Bay Lines. Have I mentioned it was $&@%ing cold and windy out today? So after dessert, he and I bundled up and headed out. My plan was a taxi. His plan was to walk. 

Just down Congress from Nosh is the Art Mart, a huge art supply store that I had been longing to go in. Maine College of Art is also nearby on Congress Street. So because I wanted to go to the Art Mart, I relented and hustled down the street to the store. 

The gentlemen behind the counter at Art Mart were helpful and funny. I told them it was my birthday! They played along. God bless them. I picked out some must-have supplies:

So the first four photos are self-explanatory. Paint and canvases (tiny and small sized). The eyeglasses disguise was a must-have. I can’t remember the last time I saw these. What a great art supply store! I will definitely be going back there. 

We exited the cozy art supply store. I still wanted a taxi. Complaining, I traipsed miserably along. He promised we could stop someplace warm. 

The next someplace warm was Roux and Cyr International Fine Art Gallery, a beautiful gallery on Free Street. We were greeted by the owner, Susan Roux, who sweetly engaged with me in my birthday repartee. I love people who play along! She invited me back to a painting class that was going on in the studio! 

A fresh audience! I worked the room, using all my best birthday jokes, admiring the portraits the students of varied abilities were painting. The subject matter was a seagull. We are in Maine, after all. 

Suddenly, I had signed up for a painting class!!! The class starts on Tuesday! 

Wow! First art supplies, then art lessons! Woo hoo! I was having quite the day! I am looking forward to learning to paint from Susan. 

Leaving the gallery, we headed out in the $&@#ing cold. We only made it as far as Novare Res Bier Cafe on Canal Plaza. Ducking inside, I felt I had to have a glass of Pinot Grigio to fortify myself for the $&@%ing cold. I don’t drink beer, but if you are a beer drinker, Novare Res is the place to go! Huge selection of beer. 

We chatted up the couple next to us at the bar. Of course, I told them it was my birthday! By the time we left about an hour and a half later, we all had become Facebook friends with Joe and Rachael from Burlington, Massachusetts! We even told each other ghost stories. By 5:15, we were bidding adieu to our new friends to get to the 5:45 ferry. 

Emma, our beautiful yellow Labrador, was waiting to give me some more birthday loving when we got back home. 

That, my friends, is my fiftieth birthday in a nutshell! 

Yours, Merryweather