Yesterday, on my Birthday Eve, we went to the Salvation Army in Brunswick, Maine in conjunction with the visits to the Maine Street gift shops, Nest and Hatch on Maine. Thrifting is my favorite hobby. So, in honor of my last day being, ahem, “forty-something” we went thrifting! Fittingly, I found golden apparel there for my birthday! First, for $4, a pair of golden Keds!

Saw these. Had to have them. I am planning on making these my springtime go-to shoes in May, maybe June, when spring finally arrives on the island. To go with these charming sneaks, a golden heart sequined t-shirt!

I adore this t-shirt because I heart hearts!  This shirt, which appears new, was just $0.99! What is not to love?

Finally, I spied two white quilted pillow shams. For $2 each, I snagged them because I want to make a craft out of them:

Specifically, I want to replicate the quilted banner I bought yesterday afternoon at Hatch on Maine as seen below:

I think the banner made out of quilt pieces is clever and charming. I will break out my sewing machine to whip these up at some point in the foreseeable future. Currently using the banner to decorate Emma’s crate:

Stay tuned!

Yours, Merryweather