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Can you believe it is March 1st?!? Still winter, but unseasonably warm here in the Portland, Maine area, although foggy and rainy today. There is still snow on the ground, but lots of barren patches. 

I am mostly unpacked from my recent trip to Washington DC and Southern Maryland. I had a great time! I got to visit with darling daughter: always an immense pleasure. Big shout out to Donna, Barbara, Linda, and Carol, all of whom I got to visit. Also, big thank you to Jane for having me stay at her place! It is so lovely there! Thanks, too, to Stephanie for doing my taxes this year, as she has in the past. It was a good trip, in spite of the car troubles I experienced. It was warm, in the sixties and seventies, the whole time and I didn’t wear socks! Back to sock wearing weather here!

While I was traveling, Emma was visiting with her sister dog, Etta, at my brother and Nancy’s place. Much fun was had by the lovely Labradors. They went to the beach several times. Emma got a much needed bath. Dan fed her with fish oil on her kibble and it has made a big difference in her coat: so soft and silky! Here is Emma the other day when we were leaving their place:

I don’t think she wanted to go. Big thanks to Dan, Nancy, and Etta for showing Emma such a good time!

I am reacclimating to life in the island where things are pretty quiet. I saw Fred, one of my year-round neighbors, yesterday afternoon. We are going to get together to play some more cribbage. I am up 5-1, but I told Fred I am in a losing mood as I lost three straight games to Dan on Saturday. He nearly skunked me twice, too! 

I came back from the trip with some treasures, of course, after thrifting and antiquing my way through Southern Maryland. Most have been put away or incorporated into the decor. I have yet to decide what to do with the midcentury rose prints I found. For now, they are resting on the hutch:

The large rocks in front of the prints came from a visit to Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts on Saturday afternoon with Dan and the dogs. He has a beach permit and can drive his four wheel drive truck down the long, rock strewn beach. It was fun! Being the obsessive collecter/beachcomber/magpie that I am, I was having a ball finding rocks and shells! Etta chased the tennis ball into the surf. Emma cheered her on from the water’s edge. As we were leaving the beach, there was a family stuck in their SUV in the sand. Dan towed them out. They were very grateful for the help. Here are the dogs watching as Dan did the rescue. 

Hopefully, Dan, Nancy, and Etta can come visit us on the island soon so the sister dogs can spend some more time together. 

Well, my friends, I must get going here. I am thinking of working on the almost forgotten seashell chandelier this afternoon. Hopefully, I will have photos of progress to share with you soon! 

Yours, Merryweather