Per my best laid plans, I was to depart Southern Maryland tomorrow morning for the return trip to New England. 


This afternoon I had a bit of car trouble. 

So instead of going to my 2pm appointment with my tax accountant, I was at the local Volkswagen dealer with Mary Passat for the entire afternoon. Mary was not feeling well. Her automatic transmission skipped a gear because she has a bad clutch pack. The condensed version of the long story is a $570 bandaid repair bill and a tax appointment rescheduled to Friday afternoon. 

The new best laid plan is to depart Southern Maryland bright and early on Saturday morning. 

As the day was a complete bust in terms of fun travel or fabulous thrifting opportunities to write about, here is a picture of a cat pretending to be a river otter:

This is Pedro. He and Lily and Alley, Jane’s three cats, have adopted me into the family. Last night they slept on the bed with me! They miss their momma. 

Meanwhile, I miss my Emma. 

She is being well cared for by my brother, Nancy, and Etta.

That is all the news that is fit to print!

Yours, Merryweather