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Well, it was a quick break from school for darling daughter. She went back to Georgetown this afternoon. Back to school. But not before some more last minute Southern Maryland thrifting! 

Once again, we started our day with some hot, caffeinated products from the local Dunkin Donuts. Then we headed to the Vintage Values Thrift Store in Leonardtown. I found nothing. As in “not a thing”. 

However, darling daughter scored! For $2.50, my sharp-eyed offspring snatched up a pair of like new Kate Spade black dress pumps! She has been trained well! *patting myself on back*

Great shoes for a super price! Kate Spade!

Then darling daughter found two lovely business suits in her size for $7 each! One is Bebe in navy; the other is a black Limited ensemble. She can wear these suits to her upcoming Mock Trial competitions or for her internship on Capitol Hill!

The photos don’t do these suits justice. She is going to look sharp in these numbers! We don’t often have the opportunity to thrift together, so it is especially fun when she finds great stuff she can really use. For less than $17, we purchased some fabulous wardrobe staples for the dashing young woman. All before 10 am!

Next, we headed to the Optical Department at the local Target store. We both wear spectacles that were in desperate need of some adjusting and realignments. That done, we left the store without making any purchases! Easier said than done, am I right? Usually any trip into Target is a minimum of $50. Coming off our Vintage Values fashion bonanza made it easier to get in and out without any purchases. Eyeglass adjustments had been in our to-do lists. Checked that off!

The next stop was in Calvert County at The Spot in St. Leonard. The Spot is a thrift store that benefits local animal rescue. 


I very nearly adopted a cat this morning!

This is Daisy. She is a six year old mama cat, recently rescued. I was immediately attracted to her! I mean, she is so pretty! 

I have been thinking lately that it might be nice for Emma, our English Labrador, to have a companion. I don’t think I could manage another dog, but a cat seems feasible. Then, out of the blue, I cross paths with Daisy. Well, our paths didn’t exactly cross because she was locked in a cage. You get the idea. Yellow dog, white cat! Perfect. 

Darling daughter signaled me. We had an emergency pow-wow outside the thrift store. Girlfriend is the voice of reason. She slowed my roll. For now, we have decided to hold off on expanding our tribe. But this was a very tempting encounter for me! We spent the weekend at Jane’s house. She had three cats. All I could think about is how cute Emma and Daisy would be together! I totally wanted to take Daisy home! But, alas…

In any case, my wish for Daisy is that she finds a loving, happy home soon! 

Back into the car, we headed north to Prince Frederick where there is another Vintage Values Thrift Store. This time was a total bust. Neither one of us found anything interesting, suitable, or worth having. 

Lunch time! Mama Lucia’s in Prince Frederick used to be a favorite when we lived in the area so we decided to stop in for a bite. I had a delicious white pizza with ricotta and anchovies while darling daughter had the sausage calzone. 

Our final stop before heading into DC was the local JoAnn’s Fabric Store. I had a Presidents Day 60% off on regularly priced item coupon burning a hole I my pocket. I suppose JoAnn’s is a good place to be if you have a hole in your pocket what with all the sewing supplies they have on hand. With my “February No Spend Month” clearly in the rear view mirror, I headed to the book aisle. I decided on Matthew Meade’s book “Ultimate Recycled Style Guide”. 

You know me, I am all about inspiring DIY ideas and thrifty treasures! I love to make things. I am going to have to break out my reading glasses to give this book a good once over. The book was a bargain for $8 using my coupon!

Ok. Truth be told, our final stop on the way to DC was actually another Dunkin Donuts. Do we perhaps need a Dunkin Donut intervention?

Finally, tonight’s sunset from Jane’s house on the Potomac:

Yours, Merryweather