Dear readers. It is sunny and bitterly cold today. Yesterday’s Nor’easter has gone. There is quite a bit of snow out there!

The Adirondack chair is all but buried! After a big storm, the HOA has a crew come to the island to shovel us out. Otherwise, our resident assistants keep our walkways clear while it is snowing. It seems Paul has had the unfortunate luck to be on duty for the last couple big storms. Here is a shout-out and big thank you to Paul, Mark, and Tom!

While it snowed outside, I played in my new art journal inside. Mostly with the watercolors. 

Really basic stuff. Watercolors are fun because you can move the pigment around. You can even go back after the paint has dried and rewet the paint to move it. I wrote about what I like to thrift in the spiral. I love thrifting! I also love creating!

I must admit it was somewhat difficult to get started in the journal. It was so perfect and pristine. I reminded myself that creativity takes courage, and away I went!

Yours, Merryweather