It is February! Can you believe it!?! Happy Groundhog’s Day! I understand the dirty little bugger is predicting six more weeks of winter. Bring. It. On. 

So. I am implementing a “No Spend Month” this month. In January, I had some unforeseen expenses and I was a bit off track with my spending, in general. Therefore, I am going on a cash fast. No discretionary spending this month. No trips to the thrift store. No eating out. No Starbucks. No extras. Nothing.  I will only spend money on my regular bills and for limited groceries (fresh produce and milk only). 

If you have been reading my blog for long, you might remember last February I went on a Thrifting Hiatus. It was a very short-lived thrifting hiatus. Hilariously so. I think it lasted four days. It was a weak attempt, I will admit. So this is my second go at a thrifting hiatus and an actual “No Spend Month”.  I hope I can see it through. 

If I am successful, my budget will breathe a sigh of relief. I am looking at this as an exercise in frugal living. Thankfully, I have some great no spend activities coming up. The folks on the island have organized a potluck and cribbage tournament on Saturday night. I love cribbage. And potlucks! Sunday night is Super Bowl 51. I plan to watch my beloved New England Patriots at home with Emma, our yellow Labrador, on our tiny tv. Go, Pats! 

How about you? Have you ever tried a “No Spend Month”?

Yours, Merryweather