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Hello dear readers! There was pillaging this past weekend! I revisited the Goodwill in Falmouth, the Salvation Army, Cabot Mills Antiques, and the Waterfront Flea Market, all in Brunswick, and Liberty Tool Shop in Liberty for preliminary pillaging on Saturday. Then, I visited a new place that can best be described as junker’s heaven!!!

First, though, the loot from the usual places. From Goodwill in Falmouth, a small, decorative April Cornell “mother” cushion! Just $4. I adore, adore, adore April Cornell’s wares. This petite pillow will be a charming addition to one of the bedrooms. 

Then from the Salvation Army in Brunswick, a beautiful silk lampshade with finial. Also $4. I need some new lampshades as some of mine got wrecked in the move to Maine this past summer. The movers did a good job; just hard to protect the shades in big boxes. Ah well. Now I can switch some shades and lamps around. 

From Cabot Mills Antiques and the adjacent farmers market, two pairs of hand knit wool socks! I needed some more warm cozies for my feet. I will be able to use these for the rest of the winter. In other words, until May. I found the multicolored socks at Cabot Mills for $10. The natural colored socks were $16 from Buckwheat Blossom Farms, home of happy sheep!

Also from Cabot Mills Antiques, an old, dilapidated apple crate for $12. I can’t explain why I like old wooden boxes as much as I do! I plan on using this one on top of Emma’s crate to corral some of her paraphernalia and whatnot. 

From the Waterfront Flea Market (in the same building as Cabot Mills Antiques and the farmers market), I discovered a darling LL Bean tote bag for $8. I have two enormous LL Bean tote bags for ferry trips. This one is smaller and in excellent condition. It will be perfect for the ferry, too. 

Then, at Liberty Tools, I found these three floral tiles for $0.50 each. They will make great trivets. I love flowers; especially pink flowers. Perhaps I could use the tiles under some flowerpots filled with pink flowers! Brilliant!

For $5, I also found a shiny oval silver- plate dish at Liberty Tools. Being a magpie, I had to take this home (shiny object!). I will find a use for it somewhere at home, I am sure. 

Now the salad servers pictured above, cost $1.50. But I did not get them at the tool shop. I found them at Elmer’s Barn in Cooper’s Mills right on Route 17, on the way to Augusta! Junker’s heaven!!!

Elmer’s is three floors of fabulous pre-loved merchandise! Oh. My. Goodness. It was like I died and went to junker’s heaven! So. Much. Stuff. And cheap! I love great, cheap stuff. Here is the barn:

The parking lot was full (and muddy!) even in the middle of the winter. Popular place. I understand why. Great stuff! I really could have done some damage here. I did not even get to troll around the third floor. I exercised a great deal of restraint, but still, I pillaged!

First, for an unbelievable $3, a Bakelite vanity set. Tray, letter opener, mirror and brush. Just $3!

A large jar of seashells for $10. Given I plan to cover my golf cart with seashells this spring, whenever I see jars of seashells for sale, I buy, buy, buy!

An unusual find. A tanned rabbit skin. $8. I have a fondness for fur. I have a sheepskin on a chair and a groundhog fur on the back of the sofa in the living room and a deerskin on the floor of my art studio in the basement. I plan to use this little fur in the living room, too, under a tchotchke perhaps. 

Also for $8, a charming set of small wooden shelves painted in periwinkle blue. These are for the guest room. I plan to put them on each side of the mirror over the dresser. I love the curves and the color of these!

And, oddly enough, I found another set of small shelves! For just $4, these are old, plaster, and definitely shabby chic. I am thinking in the living room with conch shells on top. Just because. 

I found something for my mom at Elmer’s too. But since she reads my blog, I am not saying since I want it to be a surprise for her. 

Here are some pictures of all the loot, amassed together:

Whew. Lots of loot. I do love to pillage!

Yours, Merryweather