Hello dear readers! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the New Year. I certainly am. Darling daughter is here on the island with me for her holiday break from school. We have been thrifting, thrifting, and thrifting on her vacation! Alas, she returns to Georgetown on Tuesday. She will, however, return with some thrifted goodies. 

We plan to deChristmas the house today. It shouldn’t take too long to do. In addition to the Christmas tree in the dining room and several small Christmas vignettes scattered through our spaces, I hung a Christmas pinecone light swag across the living room mirror. I got the lights from Anthropologie; they were on sale after the holiday! I added the faux greenery myself. Found the greenery at the Goodwill BY THE POUND in Gorham, Maine the other day!

I know! We found a Goodwill that sells merchandise BY THE POUND! How cool is that?!? Darling daughter scored clothes; she was the big winner. I didn’t find too much other than the faux greenery and a beautiful floral pillow sham. 

It was quite an experience. The Goodwill by the Pound is located in a large warehouse space in an industrial park and was filled with giant rolling bins, shopping carts, and serious shoppers. The parking lot was jammed. I even had to wait at the checkout line to snag an empty shopping cart. 

Every hour, all the shoppers in the building are instructed to stand behind the red lines painted on the floor while workers remove the picked over bins and replace them with fresh bins of merchandise. When we were there and the new bins came out, I found a brand new with tags leather blazer in women’s size 14 from Speigel. I didn’t buy it, but it only weighed a pound or so and would have likely cost about a dollar! 

When it was time to check out, I rolled my shopping cart onto a scale built into the floor. My total was $7.46 for a cart full of clothes for darling daughter and some odds and ends, like the faux greenery. A great deal and a great time! I definitely plan to go back!

Yesterday, darling daughter and I went for a ride in spite of the snowstorm. Emma, our yellow lab, came with us for the trip. Here she is at the ferry terminal:

Darling daughter and I drove south, actually into the storm! We hit the Blessing Barn store in Milford, Massachusetts for the Clothing Bag Sale. For $10, we filled a bag with jeans, sweaters, turtlenecks, and some tops. The snow was really piling up, so we kept the visit brief. 

Next, we visited the Blessing Barn’s sister store located in Mendon, Mass. I love the shop in Mendon! The focus of the store is primarily household items; from practical to decorative. They always have amazing items which have been donated to benefit the Compassion One charities. Look what I found! 

It is a small, but heavy, vintage shelf featuring two love birds! I had to have it! So charming! It has just the right Shabby Chic patina to fit in with our island decor. The shelf set me back $9. A good deal; far less than I would have paid in an antique store for a comparable item. 

Speaking of antique stores, Bernat Antiques in Uxbridge, Massachusetts was next on our agenda. However, it was snowing heavily! Darling daughter and I consulted on the state of affairs and decided to forego the stop at Bernat’s because of the weather. I will have to visit another time. 

On the way back to the highway, we made one final stop at the Salvation Army in Linwood, Mass. For a number of years, this has been our favorite thrift store. Great merchandise at reasonable prices. 

No more! My guess is that management changed. The prices were ridiculous!!! I saw $12 for a sweatshirt, $12.50 for a pair of jeans, and $9.99 for a pre worn Walmart shirt. No thank you! This stop was a big disappointment. 

We headed back to the highway with the loot we were able to scavenge and with Emma, dozing in the back seat. The going was slow because of the snow. Darling daughter and I took turns driving. Average travel speed was about 30 mph on Route 495. Not an ideal weather day for a long distance thrift trip, but, hey, we made it work. We got home on the 830 ferry. 

That is the update from Great Diamond Island! 

Yours, Merryweather