Merry Christmas, dear readers!!! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday. We are here on our island in Maine! We have had a delicious breakfast and have unwrapped presents!

In terms of gift giving, my mom and dad gave me a pair of MacKenzie Childs eyeglasses!!! I love MacKenzie Childs!

Among other things, I gifted darling daughter a new iPhone cover from my friends at Anthropologie

Who does that look like??? Emma!!! And, Emma loves her new Snoopy toy!

Darling daughter gave me the “Do Your Best” platter by artist Molly Hatch, available at Anthropologie! It matches the Molly Hatch “Now and Then” teapot and the “Tea Revives You” caddy I have! 

That is my treasured Mackenzie Childs black Flower Market, three quart tea kettle in the first photo. It was a birthday gift from a friend several years ago. I use it all the time. I combined the Molly Hatch teapot with some vintage souvenir trays of Maine and Massachusetts in the second photo. I like how this looks altogether. 

Darling daughter is crocheting a blanket using all the leftover yarn I have. She started this project yesterday afternoon.  Here it is so far:

Gift-giving, gift-receiving, holiday feasting, making, and decorating all in one day; such fun!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Yours, Merryweather