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Last week in Maryland, I did a bit of shopping! Living on an island off the coast of Maine has kept retail opportunities for me to a minimum. While I have ordered some items from the Internet, specifically from Anthropolgie, I much prefer to troll brick and mortar shops to find whatever I happen to need. I am old-school that way. 

Emma, our beautiful English Labrador, needed a new dog bed. I found a beauty at Ross Dress for Less in California, MD. I paid $19.99 for the super soft dog bed in a beautiful shade of aqua. Here is Emma resting comfortably on her new comfy bed:

I bought the ice cream cone squeaky toy for her on sale for $2 from the Marshalls, also located in California, MD. Emma looks so adorable walking around with the ice cream cone in her mouth!

I made another purchase in aqua while visiting Maryland. At Grandmother’s Store in Solomons, I bought a very pretty and quite unusual glass dish. I have never seen another one like it. So I had to have it:

I love the ruffles! This pretty dish was in a bin with other cracked and chipped glass and china pieces. It turns out the dish has several repairs which are only visible on close inspection. This is not the first repaired item I have bought. I love the idea that an item was so treasured that it was worth repairing. Even in its repaired condition, it is very lovely and, even better, it was a bargain at $1.50!

As you can see, I am fond of the color aqua! I think it is genetic. My maternal grandfather was color blind. One color that he could see was aqua and so it was his favorite color. In fact, he had a big aqua Cadillac! It was the 1970s and so aqua Cadillacs were a thing. Elvis and Liberace would have approved. 

Yours, Merryweather