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Emma, our beautiful English Labrador, and I finally got off the island yesterday! We had become quite reclusive, having stayed on the island for over a week. As usual, we took the ferry to get to Portland from Great Diamond Island, walked half a mile, uphill, and jumped in the car. Then we were off! We headed north on Route 295 to see what we could find in terms of thrifted loot out and about on the Maine mainland. 

First stop, hot apple cider from Dunkin Donuts, and then a visit to our trusty Goodwill in Falmouth. I found a small oval ironstone dish for $0.99. 

And a large wooden salad bowl, also $0.99. I collect and use both these things. 

Next stop, the Salvation Army in Brunswick. I found a pair of Land’s End blue suede shoes!

I love slip-ins! Very convenient for taking Emma out to take care of her business. These shoes cost $6. Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes! 

I also found a long sleeve black knit Walmart brand shirt for $1.50, a long grey knit skirt from Target for $4, and a pretty grey and black and white polka dot scarf (no maker’s tag) for $2. Cute, comfy outfit for $7.50. 

From the Salvation Army I headed over to Maine Street in Brunswick to the Waterfront Flea Market and Cabot Mill Antiques. Serious shopping. Both are located in the historic Fort Andross building on Maine Street, Brunswick. 

Cabot Mill Antiques was having an open house! The shop is a lovely multi vendor cooperative. Everything, shop wide was 20% off! I did not realize this until I checked out with my merchandise; which is probably good. I saw a set of six Hitchcock chairs for $350. I have a weakness for Hitchcock chairs. I passed. I did buy five pretty silver plated dinner forks for $12 (regularly priced at $15). 

I am amassing a big set of random pretty silverware. I like using real silverware daily, but on a day to day basis, it seems rather formal. So mixing up the silver patterns helps keep things from being too serious. I do love the randomness of grabbing a handful of silverware that does not match. 

Right next door from Cabot Mills Antiques is the Waterfront Flea Market. It is an indoor, year round flea market! I don’t know why I love flea markets so much; I just do. Particularly kind of junky flea markets!

Oh, my! I could have done some serious damage at this flea market! Just inside the door I saw a beautiful small mirror in a gilt frame for the wall for $10. I passed. There was a vendor in the back of the building with a stunning oil painting of a landscape, a vintage metal watering can, a large wire plant stand, a pair of vintage snow shoes, and a huge green glass demijohn. The vendor offered me a great package deal of $140 for everything. So worth it. 

Guess what…

I did…

Wait for it…

I passed!!! Tough, tough thing to walk away from these interesting and reasonably priced vintage items. But I did. 

However, my willpower then dipped and I was not able to walk away from Mia, a very friendly vendor, and her golden, Chiavari style wooden chair! I love stray chairs!

I paid just $10 for this beauty. Had to have it. $10, can you believe it?!? You sometimes see this style of chair in banquet halls, used for weddings. Here is Emma, approving of my latest buy. The new golden throne for our island palace. 

Last shopping stop of the day was Consigning Women on Main Street in Damariscotta. Everything was a least 20% off and some items were 50% off in the shop. For darling daughter, I scored a ivory bathrobe lined with terry cloth from Restoration Hardware for just $8. It is a lovely bathrobe! I wish it fit my extra lovely sized self. But, alas, it does not. 

In Brunswick, I also had visited the lovely shop, Hatch on Maine! Great mix of vintage items and lovely handmade merchandise. I met one of the shop’s delightful proprietors, Hannah. She is so helpful and friendly!

I shopped for Darling Daughter’s upcoming twenty-second birthday! I wanted to get her some little trinkets to go with the best present ever (cold, hard cash!). I will take photos of the loot tomorrow to share with you all. 

Until then, my friends, I remain…

Yours, Merryweather